Lost Platinum & Gold Wedding Band at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

While Metal Detecting the lagoon for a Gold Wedding band I was approached by a gentleman named Joey Sparks who said his Brother-In-Law Brian from San Clemente, California lost his Platinum & Gold Wedding Band in chest deep water not too far from where I was hunting. I told him if I found it I’d track them down. Joey said they would be around the pool all day. I continued on my search. After about five minutes I got an air raid siren of a tone while I was in neck deep water. It was all I could do to stay in position to dig the target. After about the fourth dig I had the target in the scoop. As the scoop broke the surface of the water I could see Brian’s huge Platinum & Gold ring in the bottom. Great I went to the area Joey said they would be and no one was around. I continued my hunt and after about thirty minutes a man called me from the shore, “Are you Brian?” I asked. Yes, are you Joe and did you find my ring? Yes, and matter of fact I did. A look of relief came over Brian’s face and he told me he had looked for a very long time the day before. I let him know his ring was buried and no way he would have seen it. We shook hands and I knew another tourist was going home with a smile. Aloha to Brian and Joey for finding me.