Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Band at Ko Olina Nai'a Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Reymhar & Karen1
Reymhar's ring

This ring find starts 7 May while I was looking for a lost ring in Ulua Lagoon. I was approached by a gentlemen named Terry who said his recently married Niece’s husband Reymhar from San Jose, California lost his ring in the next lagoon over while paddle boarding a few days before. I told Terry if he could show me the supposed area I would give it a hunt. Terry knew it was in the Northern third of the lagoon but not exactly where. After a brief ankle to neck deep search without a ring find I asked Terry to put me in contact with Reymhar so I could get some more details to the lost ring and it’s probable location. After contacting Reymhar he wasn’t sure exactly when the ring came off only in the Google map picture he sent me he drew a wedge of where he was paddle boarding. I went the next weekend and did a scuba dive for the ring. The deep area was very silty and it was hard to keep track of where I’d detected so it was sort of a willy nilly hunt. The next weekend I tried again and this time I was careful not to stir up too much silt. Yeah right! There were sand clouds everywhere I dug. I found a nice Palladium band with a neat inscription that hopefully remains true today. When I was about down to 600 psi I figured I’d have about three more lines to grid from 4 feet to the deep end of 15 feet. I started an out bound leg and near a plate size rock in 7 feet of water I got a nice solid tone. With one scoop of my hand Reymhar’s ring exposed itself with a triple sparkle of diamonds in the sunlight. That was a wonderful sight to see. I looked heavenward and thanked Jesus. That was one of my hardest searches too date. As soon as I got to my truck I texted Reymhar that I found his ring. Uncle Terry is going to be back in Honolulu 11 June and I will be turning the ring over to him so he can hand deliver it back to Reymhar in San Jose. Aloha to Reymhar and his wife Karen!