Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Ko Olina Aulani Disney Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Wednesday evening while I was in San Diego California for a work conference I got a call from Steve from Seattle. While enjoying the cool waters of the Aulani lagoon his Platinum Wedding Band came off. He didn’t notice it missing until he was in the elevator going to his room so there was the possibility it came off at his beach chair. I told Steve I would be back on Friday and as soon as I landed I would retrieve my gear and head out to the resort. Steve and his lovely wife Christine met me at the front entrance and we proceeded to the lagoon. Their seating area was occupied so I decided to search the water first. Steve showed me the approximate route he took in the water and on about my 4th leg of the grid search I got a screaming Platinum tone. One scoop and there was Steve’s ring. I yelled to Steve and Christine on the beach that I found the ring and they met me at the waters edge. A very pleasant look of relief could be seen on both their faces. A hug and a handshake and smiles all around. Vacation continues on a high note. Aloha to Steve & Christine.

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  1. Steve says:

    It was a sickening feeling when I noticed my wedding band was no longer on my finger. We went back to the beach and, at that point, I hoped it had fallen off where we were sitting on the beach chairs but feared it had fallen off when I was in the lagoon earlier for an hour. Luckily, I had kept to a limited area in the lagoon with some fairly good reference points so I had a good idea of the area where it might be. But as anyone here would know who has lost jewelry in the sandy bottom of the sea, it sinks into the sand. We spent an hour looking for it but had to give up. The hotel suggested contacting someone with a metal detector I found Joe on this site.

    Joe was in California when I called but due back the following afternoon. After speaking with Joe on the phone, I had a lot of confidence that he’d find it. Even though he’d been away from his home and family, Joe literally landed from his flight, went home to grab his gear, and drove through mid-afternoon traffic to reach us at the other side of the island. After I pointed out the search area, he told us to go relax on the beach. We didn’t have much time to do that as he found the ring after about 10 minutes!!

    While I am, of course, so relieved and happy to get the ring back, I was also extremely impressed by how professional, kind and awesome Joe was during the entire experience. I wanted to buy him a drink afterwards but he needed to head off to Waikiki to help another couple in need. And that pretty much sums up the guy he is. Would love to buy you a drink next time we are in Oahu, Joe!

    Mahalo nui loa,
    Steve and Christine

  2. Great story and so nice to be appreciated!

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