Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Ko Olina Aulani Disney Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Wednesday evening and I got a call from Shawna from Wahiawa, Hawaii. Shawna explained that when her husband Justin was playing in the lagoon in knee deep water with their adorable daughter Summer she accidentally pulled her Father’s Wedding Band off. Sunset was fast approaching and several tourists on the beach tried helping to locate the ring. The sand in the lagoon is very clean and fine and rings disappear quickly as no one had any luck finding it. One of Aulani’s Beach Attendants told Shawna about “The Ring Finders” and that’s when I got the call. I told Shawna I lived about 30 miles away on the opposite side of the island but if rush hour traffic was through I could be there in 40-50 minutes. By the time I’d get there it would be dark. Thankfully this hobby is Audio and there is enough ambient light from the resort to see in my scoop. We met at the Valet parking area where Shawna & Summer were waiting. We walked together through the resort down to the lagoon where Justin was standing in the water where the ring fell off. I asked Justin to be my waterborne marker and I started my grid search. On the third leg in knee deep water I got my first target and an awesome tone. One scoop and there was Justin’s awesome Wedding Band. I asked Justin to describe his ring again after which I handed him what I found. He said, “That’s it no way.” I explained the detecting equipment is very good and him putting me on the correct location made all the difference. After a firm “Thank You” handshake we went up to the beach to show Shawna and Summer. Shawna couldn’t believe we found the ring which is the case with most lost ring situations. Smiles all around. Aloha to Justin, Shawna & Summer!

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    It’s always nice to search a ‘specific’ area making the search sooo much easier. Great results.

  2. Shawna says:

    Aloha Joe, you are amazing! We are so grateful! The whole time I was thinking that the the ring was gone forever. I felt so sad cause although we could have replaced it, it wouldn’t have been the same ring that I placed on my husband’s finger the day we got married. We are so thankful for your help! Much Mahalo!

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