Lost Titanium & Diamonds Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Wednesday evening while attending the Honolulu Coin Club meeting I got a call from Jay stating his friend Robert from Las Vegas lost his wedding band in the water behind the famous Duke’s at Waikiki Beach. They had been celebrating Roberts 50th Birthday in the 50th State. I told him to email some specifics and I would look at the surf & tide report to determine when the best time to hunt would be. I decided low tide 11:30 AM would be best and the surf was coming down slowly. We met at Robert’s hotel and walked down to the beach. Robert thought the ring came off in waist deep water and he showed me the limits to search, so I started in the wave bench and then in and out from the shoreline to at least chest deep water. I found a dime, then a GoPro HERO 3 camera that took about 20 scoops to dig up. It was toast. Then half a penny and a first ever thimble. What the heck is a thimble doing in the water at Waikiki? This took about an hour without finding the ring. Then Robert’s lovely wife Carla told me she had a video of Robert losing his ring. Great! Lets take a look at it and see if we missed something. The video was dark so we went into Duke’s to get out of the bright sun to see it. Fortunately we both noticed the beach sand was flat in the video so it must have been high tide. Also where we think the ring came off was actually dry sand at low tide. So I went out to the beach and started a grid search in the sand. Where the wet sand met dry sand a little girl had built a sand castle. I initially went around her during the first hunt. This time as I passed over the remnants of the castle I got a nice tone. Two scoops down and there was Robert’s ring. Amazing the little girl didn’t find it while building her castle. Carla came running down and gave me a big hug as I handed her the ring. The tourists on the beach erupted into a round of applause! These are the best moments in this hobby and I cherish each one immensely. Carla then cutely got down on one knee and presented the ring to Robert. Another round of applause went up and there were smiles all around. Aloha to Carla & Robert.


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  1. Joe Au-Franz says:

    Joe Au-Franz from theringfinders.com saves the day!

    I lost my wedding band in the shallow ocean in Waikiki, just out in front of the famous Dukes Waikiki.
    It fell right of my finger during a rushing wave. Needless to say, my wife was very upset, and we thought this tragedy would ruin our vacation.

    Just on a whim, we searched Google and found theringfinders.com.
    Our first thoughts were,, is this possible,, or is this a scam.
    After a phone conversation with Joe and an exchange of emails we scheduled a time for him to come look for our ring.

    The mishap happened in the evening and the next morning Joe met us at the beach location. Joe started to scour the area and was very patient and after about an hour and a half,, miraculously he scooped up the ring.

    Joe saved our vacation and possibly my marriage. If you are researching this please be confident and give them a try they have a high success rate!

  2. Yah Joe! Another one for team Oahu!
    What a great story and we often know oh too well that it is quite tricky sometimes for people to remember exactly where they lost great. Great thinking on his wife’s part.
    So funny you found a Go Pro (toasted, why?) and a thimble. Brent found about 4 toy cars today after the cruise ship. LOL
    Totally agree a round of applause is an amazing concluding to a successful recovery!!!
    Sylvie (and Brent) Big Island

    1. Joe Au-Franz says:

      Sylvie, The GoPro had water intrusion and the electronics were corroded. Too bad. I do have one I found that works perfectly!

  3. Larry Griffith says:

    Good work!!! Really would have been nice if it had been recorded on a GoPro too!

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