Lost Gold, Diamonds & Sapphire ring at Laniakea Turtle Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I just finished detecting a favorite swim hole when I got a call from my wife Wendy. She told me that Sydney from Mililani, Hawaii was at Laniakea Beach with her boyfriend Darren when her ring fell off into the sand. The ring had been passed down to her from her Mom and she was very distraught when it was lost. I was about 30 minutes away so I called Sydney to see if she could meet right away. The North Shore surf is blasting at 25 feet so my fear was we weren’t going to have an opportunity with high tide approaching. Sydney assured me that they were well up on the beach in the dry sand. So we met at McDonald’s in Haleiwa Town then proceeded to Turtle Beach. Thankfully we were able to park right across the street from where the ring was lost. Sydney, Darren, Charlie (Sydney’s dog) & I walked over to the sandy area under a tree where the ring had fallen off. No bigger then two parking stalls I was able to locate the ring on the second leg. Nice gold tone and since there were gem stones I carefully moved the sand and there was the beautiful blue sapphire shining in the sunlight. I asked Sydney, “What did your ring look like again?” “This must be it!” With a sigh of relief she gave me a big hug and a very sincere “Thank you” That’s what really makes it all worthwhile. Aloha to Sydney & Darren.

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