Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Queen's Beach Waikiki...Finally FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Waikapa Megan & Daniel
Waikapa 3 (1)
On February 10th I got an email from Megan from Melbourne, Australia stating she lost her engagement ring the night before in the surf in knee deep water 2 meters from the Waikiki Wall. This is a favorite Boogie Board spot and the sand is tremendously deep on the side Megan lost her ring. To add to the problem we had a South swell the night before and much sand movement occurred with the waves going way up onto the shore. I met Megan and her fiancee Daniel later that morning and started a grid search. I started in a North South pattern but no luck. I repeated the search in an East West pattern and still no luck. I carefully went through the wave curl but only found a few coins and two pieces of trash metal. I had to tell Megan her ring must be beyond my detectors depth or worst case another detectorist found it the night before. That was a slim chance because of the high tide & surf. I told Megan I’d come back with a friend Mike who is really experienced on the White’s Dual Field Surf PI and it had better depth then what my Excalibur did. Mike tried twice over the next week without any luck. The surf had subsided so I was beginning to think another detectorist got lucky. 29 days later on March 6th I met my buddy Mark at the Natatorium for an AM water hunt. We worked our way towards the Waikiki Wall and I told Mark I was going to run ahead and see if Megan’s ring ended up in the wave curl. When I got to the spot I had to dodge the Boogie Boarders as the surf was up again and they were busting some moves at the wall. After about 3 minutes I got a familiar growl. I dug down into the wave curl…Nothing! Second dig into the wave curl and there in my scoop was Megan’s ring. The sun was high over head and the Diamonds on her ring were glistening in the sunlight. That was a pretty sight! I walked down the beach to where I left Mark and held out my pinkie finger. Look at that! Pretty Ice Ring! Whoa! he said you got it. Amazing no other detectorist found it. I emailed Megan the good news as soon as I got home. To our good fortune her cousin Simone was visiting and staying in Waikiki. I was able to drop off the ring with her so she could hand deliver it back to Megan in Melbourne. That was a relief. I really didn’t want to have to trust the Postal Service. In the pic above Megan had her precious ring sized properly and she knows who to call. Aloha to Megan & Daniel.


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  1. Sylvie says:

    Wow great story as it is always so disappointing for the detectorist too not to find the ring on the first go. What do other detectorist do when the find them? I often warn people to be careful whom they tell that they lost a ring as we have heard even lifeguards on several beaches will detect and NOT make an effort to return a ring. We also met a gold buyer who said lifeguards bring him rings only to have him melt it down to scrap metal gold weight. So sad!

    Lucky lucky Megan! I plead with my friends often to size their rings or wear another ring to keep it in place!

    Way to go Joe!!! Yay you!

    1. Joe says:

      Thanks Sylvie, I actually had a ring in Waikiki show up 3 months later deep in the wave curl. Yes unfortunately we have a few lifeguards here (I’ve been told by a lifeguard I trust) that do the same. Sad really!

  2. megan says:

    Hi Joe !

    Everyone who hears the story of my ring is so amazed! it’s ment to be ! There is so much more to the story on my end of the world. Going through insurance only to find out they would only replace my ring by making a look alike or they would only cover half of the cost of the ring. We booked flights to another state where I found my ring online at a low price and decided to replace it that way as I wanted the same ring and insurance money would just cover it only to get the email from you the day before we were due to fly ! We still went away for the day but I canceled the insurance claim and waited for the return of my ring 🙂 again thank you !

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