Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Honolulu...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

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I was at home enjoying a college football game when I got a call from Rodney who lives in Honolulu. He was referred to me by Dale Rohlf from All Island Treasure Detectors. The previous morning Rodney was tossing the local paper over a fence to his Grandmother’s house when his platinum wedding band came off in the process. He heard it hit something wooden but not where it landed. He and some family members spent the day looking which included cutting grass and raking in hopes of finding the ring. Rodney met me in front of the house and I had him demonstrate how he threw the newspaper and describe the circumstances to the ring flying off. There was a wooden panel on two steel legs that we believe the ring hit. The steel chain link fence was also a hindrance to the detector. I ran a few lines on each side of the fence and I used my pin-pointer up to the fence to get the most coverage. I noticed the rake marks in the grass and Rodney told me his family members had raked the area out trying to find the ring. We found $1.15 in assorted change, a few bottle caps and other useless metal trash but no ring. We demonstrated tossing objects at the wooden panel. Everything landed near the fence. This was a fat platinum ring so it couldn’t be that hard to find. The house was post on pier so we crawled under the house’s crawl space to see if it happened to roll under there. Nothing! At this point Rodney went to throw away some of the trash we accumulated and he came running back to where I was thinking about what to do next and he shouted “I found it…..it was behind the garbage can in plain view. Wow! That was about 40-50 feet in the opposite direction of the way he tossed the newspaper. Only explanation when they were raking the grass away from the fence line the rake tossed the ring to that opposite location. Whatever, the reason Rodney has his ring back and the metal detector proved it wasn’t where we thought it was. Aloha to Rodney.
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  1. Rodney says:

    Thank you, Joe, for all your help that day. I was so stressed out having lost my ring. You being there & figuring out all the possibilities of its whereabouts helped in relieving a lot of the stress until the ring finally showed up. Thanks again, Joe.

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