Lost Mercury Cougar Keys in Kapolei.....FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


I got a call Saturday afternoon from Stu in Kapolei concerning his Mercury Cougar keys being lost. While he was outside his girlfriend Karlel threw his keys out to him from their second floor lanai. When Stu ran back to retrieve them they were no where to be found. They searched all through the ice plant land cover and the entire area around their condo. Giving up Stu asked if I could come by and look with a metal detector. I had plans for the next day and Stu really needed his keys so I went out that evening. It was quickly getting dark so I started my search immediately. Unfortunately the search area had numerous irrigation piping, drains and sprinkler heads. My Excalibur was going crazy. I used my hand held pin-pointer and we eliminated every target in a methodical manner but no keys. Nearby was a large Hawaiian Fan Palm and when I spoke to Karlel she never heard the keys hit the ground and while talking to her Auntie Amber on the phone Auntie told her the keys weren’t on the ground. In the islands I’ve encountered a few people that seem to be gifted and have a sort of psychic power. They can sense things others can’t. So Stu got me a chair to stand on and I stuck my Excal up into the trees branches. Low and behold way up in a branch near to the trunk I got a solid target. I couldn’t reach that high so Stu climbed on a cooler then a chair and got high enough to reach onto the top of the branch and there were the keys. Auntie Amber knew the whole time those keys weren’t on the ground. I can honestly say that was my first tree metal detecting adventure. Just goes to show people can lose things anywhere. Aloha to Stu & Karlel.

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  1. Stu says:

    Keys in a tree!! Who would have thought. One in a million chance they would land there.

    So nice of Joe to come up at night and help us locate those keys in the dark. Didn’t think we had a good chance of finding them after I had already searched in daylight for hours. When I put my hand into the section of the tree Joe identified while balancing on a folding chair on top of a cooler and felt my keys boy was I happy!!

    Would have been a nightmare having a new ignition put in my car or trying to locate a new key from the manufacturer as they don’t make Cougars anymore. I love that car and will hang onto it as long as I can.

    Aloha Joe saved the day!

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