Lost Diamonds & Gold Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach......FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


While sitting in my truck Sunday morning I turned on my phone and realized there was a ring finders call Saturday AM that didn’t hit my phone until now. I listened to Megan from Kauai say she wanted me to meet them at Waikiki Beach to look for her White Gold with Diamonds Wedding Ring. Being just two minutes away I called and left a message saying I was on another ring hunt but should be done by 9AM. When I returned to my truck there was a voicemail from Megan saying we could meet whenever I was ready. I called and we arranged to meet at their hotel and walk to the beach. We met Megan’s husband Mike who was waiting on the beach to show me where the ring was lost. Mike & I walked out into the water and the South swell was just enough where I was going to need scuba as it was over chest deep. Fortunately, I had my scuba gear with me so we went back and got my truck to unload the scuba gear as close to the beach as we could. Mike and Megan had two different locations where they thought the ring came off. We are talking 30 yards or more. My experience I explained to them was the wife always seems to have better bearings in the water. And I’m here to find her ring so I better go where she thinks it is. Megan found a 3 foot by 15 foot cut in the reef she remembered seeing while they were hunting the previous days. So I started there. The small surf was throwing us around but between sets I was able to detect pretty well. In the reef cut the first target was a quarter, second target was deep so I gave up on it, then another quarter. Nothing else in the reef cut so I started working the sides. Another deep target couldn’t find then in a small dished out area in the reef I ran the Excalibur over and it gave a familiar sound and with one wave of my hand the sand washed away and exposed a glistening white gold ring and the diamonds on both sides were sparkling in the sun. I wasn’t sure if this was their ring because I was thinking from the description something different. But as I surfaced to show Megan & Mike the look of joy told me it certainly was. Thank you Jesus! Elapsed dive time 4 minutes. Megan had put me on the exact spot and the Excal did its job. Another vacation ends with smiles and Megan commented she was glad not to have to leave a part of her behind. Aloha to Megan & Mike!


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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Great job Joe in such a short time!

  2. Awesome find Joe! Such a great feeling when its quick and over-and-done with – and of course when you hand it back!!

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