Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Sheraton Waikiki.......FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I got a call from my fellow ring-finder Don saying that Zak & Heidi from Minnesota staying at the Sheraton Waikiki lost her White Gold & Diamonds Engagement ring in the water while floating on a cushion. They were leaving the next day and Don had to work. I had some free time so I looked at the Tide & Surf Chart and gave Heidi a call. We arranged for a low tide Thursday AM around 9:30. This hunt didn’t start off on good footing so to speak. As I was putting on my felt bottom dive booties that I like to walk in the water with I felt something unusual. Thinking some stones & sand remained in my bootie from the previous hunt I started to take it off when something bit the tip of my big toe. Ouch! A damn 5 inch centipede fell to the floor. I grabbed a razor knife from my desk and cut it in half. Both halves remained alive in my office until I returned 3 hours later. I phoned my wife and let her know in case I went into some type of allergic shock she could tell the paramedics what happened. Nothing ever came of it other then it felt like I had a piece of sharp glass stuck in the tip of my big toe.
At the Sheraton I met Zak & Heidi and they got me parked and we proceeded down to the beach. We marked off the extreme East & West points of the grid and I started my search. Zak and Heidi took turns being my seaward marker. The area was really clean except one bottle cap and three tungsten carbide rings two were Koa Wood inlaid. This wasn’t fun I was finding rings but not Heidi’s. I could see the look of despair coming over Heidi’s face. After no luck doing the entire grid ever so carefully I talked to Heidi and decided the only way to go would be a little more to the East. BINGO! On about the third leg I got the Gold ring growl tone and one scoop down was Heidi’s ring. What a beauty! I told Zak and he shouted to Heidi on the beach, “Joe found it!” Heidi was bee-lining for us crying from being emotionally drained. She gave me the biggest hug and thank you. This vacation was going to end on a high note. Aloha to Zak & Heidi!


4 Replies to “Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Sheraton Waikiki…….FOUND!!!”

  1. Great effort Joe! Another success story.

  2. Don Bryant says:

    Great job Joe!

  3. Zak says:

    Joe was not only a miracle worker by finding my wife’s ring in the ocean he was very helpful on making sure someone else didn’t get to it before he had a chance. Joe was obviously someone you could trust and my wife heard that in his voice in her first phone call with him. The ring was replaceable in my eyes, but my wife was feeling like she lost her world. Joe made her wish come true with his hard work and great attitude. Thanks again Joe!

    1. Joe Au-Franz says:

      Thanks Zak. It was my pleasure helping you and Heidi. Aloha!

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