Lost Rose Gold Wedding Band at Hale Koa Waikiki Beach.......FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


This hunt started on July 14th 2015 when I offered ring finder services to a craigslist ad for a lost ring at Hale Koa Beach in Waikiki. David agreed and met me on the beach the next day. Not being positively sure David assumed his ring was lost while he was body surfing in large waves at Hale Koa Beach. The waves were strong enough to throw him up onto the sand so the best guess is when he used his hands to break his fall somehow and at some point it came off. I started my search in the wave bench and then moved out to chest deep water. A few insignificant targets but no ring. After covering the area thoroughly with no success David and I searched the area where they were on the beach and a few transit points back to the hotel but nothing. I told David there was a possibility the ring was at a depth I couldn’t detect but that the sand moves a lot here and the ring would eventually settle out in the wave bench if it in fact was lost while crashing on the beach sand. I’ve gone through the area 3-4 times and finally Tuesday night 6 October I got a solid but faint target in the wave bench. Six scoops later and low and behold there was David’s Rose Gold Wedding band. Wow! My theory was actually correct and thankfully we had some strong surf the night before that probably removed just enough sand for the Excalibur to detect the ring. It was at least 10-12 inches down in the wave bench sand. That’s a record depth for me. I emailed then called David that evening with a picture of the ring. Obviously he was pleasantly surprised. The ring is in the mail back to David in Las Vegas, Nevada. He still owes me a picture with a smile which I’m sure to get soon. Never give up! How no other detectorist in Waikiki didn’t find this ring leads me to believe it may have been divine intervention. Aloha to David.

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  1. Joe Au-Franz says:

    hi Joe,

    we are very happy that you were able to find my lost ring. here is our address:

    David Larson
    Las Vegas NV

    if you could please ship u.s. mail priority service.

    thank you very much,

    David and Sandy

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