Lost Palladium Wedding Band at Ko Olina Lagoons....FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Jared S RFKoO


Early evening and as I was searching for a long lost Diamond Engagement ring in the water I was approached by Jared from Denver, Colorado. Jared explained that when he was throwing a football with friends in the water earlier in the day his wedding band came off. He wasn’t exactly sure where but knew the general area. From waist to chest deep water and in the far southern end of the lagoon. My only fear was it might have been tossed into the deeper area and there I would require scuba. Never know how far they can fly!!! Jared said it was a square shaped palladium ring. I’ve never found a palladium ring so I was interested in hearing that metal’s tone. I told Jared to reach me on my Facebook page “Metal Detecting Oahu” and we could correspond there. Darkness was quickly upon us so I decided to continue the search the next day after work. I arrived back on the spot the next day and as I worked my grid South I found a small coin spill and two pull tabs. After about an hour I had a solid tone I’ve never heard before and after one scoop there was Jared’s ring. No doubt square and inscribed Pd 950. When I arrived home Jared had left an inquiry on my Facebook page as to whether or not I found his ring. I responded that I did and we made arrangement for its return. Another smile and vacation in Hawaii ends on an up note! Aloha to Jared.