Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement ring at Waimanalo Beach......FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



So two successful ring finds in one day on opposite sides of the island and I’m feeling pretty stoked. I’m cruising home it’s 7 PM, getting dark and my phone rings so I pull over to answer it. It’s Don my fellow ring finder. He tells me he just got a call from Dylan from San Francisco, CA who is leaving at 11 AM the next morning. His fiance Majolyn lost her engagement ring on Waimanalo Beach and Don has to be at work in the AM so he wanted to know if i could take it. Hey, he’s calling now I’ll do what I can. Dylan & I arranged to meet at his vacation rental at first light to see if we could find the ring. Story goes Dylan & Majolyn had gone down to the beach to take some photos. While she was holding her nieces hand a rush of water came up and while trying to hold on her ring got pulled off. Majolyn immediately put her hand down to retrieve the ring but the next wave erased that idea. It was gone! Devastated, she and Dylan had the foresight to note exactly where they were on the beach. I arrived at the vacation rental about 515 AM it was still dark. I asked Dylan whose vehicle he wanted to take and he said we can walk the beach was just beyond my headlights view. We grabbed my gear and walked to the beach together. Dylan showed and explained the scenario to me and I told him I would start my search high on the beach and work down to the surf. Our east side surf is the worst nearly year round. I was dreading having to go into it and trying to remain stable enough to search properly. Also I never searched this beach so I was unfamiliar with the trash situation. My first pass was silent and so was the second. On the third pass the gnarliest sound came across the Excalibur. That’s either a hunk of trash or a very ornate ring. Three scoops down I finally had the target and not wanting to knock a diamond loose if it was the ring I went to the waters edge to rinse my scoop gently. Voila! That is one gorgeous ring in the scoop with just enough dawn’s early light to see it. I yelled up to Dylan & Majolyn “Got It” Dylan gave me the biggest bear hug I’ve had in a long time and Majolyn was so grateful and in disbelief it only took two minutes. Vacation ends on a high note! Three successful ring finds in exactly 18 hours is certainly tops for me. Aloha to Dylan & Majolyn.

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  1. Dylan says:

    Joe is the man!!! We were devastated! Thank you so much again!!! If your in SF and need anything, let us know!

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