Lost Rubies & Diamonds Gold Ring at Kuhio Beach Park Waikiki.....FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

My fellow ring finder Don Bryant called and said a lady named Soraya had lost her ring at Kuhio Beach Park and that he was still unpacking from his trip so he referred her to me. As soon as I hung up the call came in. Soraya explained to me that she had lost the ring the evening before as she was playing with her children in waist deep water. Don & I both told her that Sergei the Russian detectorist that cruises the beaches every morning could very well of found it and our probability of finding her ring was very low. I told Soraya that I would give it a shot and could be there in 30 minutes. We met at the pier and she walked me to the area she was playing in the water. We marked an extreme East & West point and I started my search. It only took about 30 minutes and all I found was a Memorial cent and half a pull tab in the wet sand. I told Soraya the water was sterile of any metal and to look at her markers and asked if I had to go out one of the markers should I go more East or West. She looked towards shore and said I think a little more towards the Church which is to the West. I continued on and then on the third leg outside the original marker I got the “Growl of Gold and Stones”. A gentle scoop and there was the gorgeous White Gold ring with rubies and diamonds. I looked up and Soraya was no where to be seen. I’m thinking did she give up on me? I happened to spot her son playing in the water and asked him where his Mom was…she had gone up on the beach where I couldn’t see her. I told him to tell her I think I found her ring. Her daughter came running down and said let me see…let me see. Oh yes that’s my Mom’s ring! Soraya arrived and I held the ring out in the palm of my hand. That’s it how amazing…where actually was it? Actually it was in a lot closer to the beach then she imagined it would be. We figured she was playing during high tide and didn’t realize how close to shore she had been. I’m so glad we extended the search in the correct direction and Sergei missed this one. Chalk one up for “The Ring Finders” Aloha to Soraya.

4 Replies to “Lost Rubies & Diamonds Gold Ring at Kuhio Beach Park Waikiki…..FOUND!!!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great going on expanding your search area! That was the difference of finding the smile or not finding the smile…Great Job!!

  2. Good job! Got to love the Smiles:-)

  3. Joe Au-Franz says:

    Joe: thanks again for all your help today!! You are awesome!!!
    My Kids will be talking about the Super Man with the cool special metal detector for days!!!
    Happy mommy , happy husband , happy kids!!

  4. Joe says:

    Thank you very much for your work to find Soraya’s ring. I had it made in Bahrain in 2008 on deployment and Soraya was devastated at losing it. She had written me of finding you and before I even saw the email, you’d found it – amazing!! Very happy your search tools and your knowledge of finding metals netted a return of ring and owner!! Thank you very much for your help!!

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