Lost Gold Wedding Band at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki......FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I got a call from Ken while at work and he wanted to know if I could look for his ring at Hilton Hawaiian Village. He lost the ring two days prior and that area is one of the most detected areas in Waikiki. My fear was someone already found it and he would never get it back. The surf has been pounding the South shore so there was a chance the regular Waikiki detectorists might have been taking a break. I told Ken I would meet him after work and give it my best shot. We met at 4PM on the beach and I was elated to find out Ken had lost his ring in the rocky area of the beach. That area is very difficult to detect in as there are many large coral rocks and most of the detectorists avoid it. Ken explained that he was in no deeper than 4 feet of water and between two coral outcroppings on the shoreline. So I went to work. Unfortunately I only found coins, pull tabs and a bottle cap. I asked Ken lets think this over where did you spend the most time? He said probably in the sandy area near the wave break where he was getting thrown around. I said OK I’m going to concentrate there and not go into the rocky area. An hour had already passed and I could see the anxiety on their faces. I needed to find this ring. I started a wave curl search as the surf was pounding the shore. On the return leg a little farther into the sand at the half point between Ken’s marks I got that beautiful “GOLD” tone. After two scoops I saw a ring. I motioned Ken over and asked him to describe the ring again please. White gold with two rose colored bands going through it he said. Sure enough that is what was in my scoop. I pulled the ring out and handed it to Ken. You know that look we treasure so much well Ken was beaming with joy that I finally found his ring. I found out from talking to Ken and his lovely wife Malette that they had just gotten married and only had the ring for a day when it was lost. What a happy ending to a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. Aloha to Ken and Malette.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Joe! Nice find!

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