Lost rings found at North Avenue Beach Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Got a call at 8:30AM on Sunday, Fathers Day.
Woman was very upset that she lost both her wedding band and her engagement ring at North Ave Beach on Saturday. Took off her rings to put on lotion and forgot they were on her lap. She was leaving Chicago shortly on Sunday. Time was of the essence.  Didn’t want to break the news to her husband on Father’s Day that she lost both rings. Since they were white gold and I didn’t know how small they were, I decided to take the XP Deus and hunt in 18kHz. They had been searching the area 3 different times and lots of people had been trying to help her find them. I gridded off the area that she had been in. They were both down about 5 inches. Probably because people had been moving the sand around. Both rings came in at 45 in my ring program that Andy Sabisch helped me set up at his XP Deus Bootcamp. As you can see the wedding band was very thin, although covered in diamonds. Don’t think I would have found it if I had not been in 18kHz. Found it in less than 10 minutes.
The owner was in tears she was so relieved. She kept saying that I saved her. She was so excited to get the rings back on her hands that you can still see the sand on them!  It’s great to be able to help people. What a great hobby. Thanks Andy,thanks XP Deus team, thanks Ron Shore from Windy City Detector Sales and Rental, and special thanks to The Ringfinders Database so she could find me.



3 Replies to “Lost rings found at North Avenue Beach Chicago”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Deus XP and you too James! Glad you were able to make her smile & cry! Such a great feeling to see the rings in the scoop knowing how much it means to these people…Way to go!!

  2. Andy Sabisch says:

    Jim – Great find and you really made their day! Finding something of value is one thing but being able to reunite it with the person that has the sentimental attachment to it is all together different. Great find and good karma in the bank on this one. Glad the program helped and that is came in handy so soon after we got together. Andy

  3. Brad Short says:

    Way to go James, it is amazing what confidence in you detector can do for you. It is such a good feeling when you can help someone out and see it in their face when you hand them back their valuables. Once again great job. Andy’s Deus Bootcamp did its job!

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