Engagement Ring Lost 6 Hours after Purchase in Kaufman, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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I received a call from an individual who said he had a problem.  He bought an engagement ring, made the proposal (she said Yes!!), a celebration party and accidentally lost the ring all in the same day!  He was beside himself and even went to the trouble of purchasing a metal detecting unit but was unsuccessful after hours of looking; 15 other individuals were trying to help but nope, no ring was recovered on that acre lot in Kaufman, Texas.   Looking on the internet brought him to our website and we scheduled a designated time to meet so we could use our 15-year expertise to do a search.  What began as ‘I hope it’s found’ turned to pure elation in about a 45 minute search with success.

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2 Replies to “Engagement Ring Lost 6 Hours after Purchase in Kaufman, Texas”

  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    At PRO comes through again.

  2. Jeff Morgan says:

    Awesome work team Wilson!!! Nice big ring! That must have been fun searching for know that it was going to be really obvious in the ears. But fist you have together your coil over the exact spot. I hope more and more people learn of the TheRingFinders and get a recovery specialist out on the job ASAP!

    Great work guys!


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