Lost Ring in Victoria Found and Returned

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

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Victoria, B.C. Wednesday July 30th 2014

Adele was visiting Victoria with her daughter (Errin) and grandchildren from Lethbridge Alberta.

July 27th the grandchildren and some neighbourhood children decided to play Princess, using Adele’s jewellery. Mom Erin discovered the kids were playing with her mothers jewellery in the back yard and several items became scattered all over the yard and in the flower gardens.

Everyone searched and most items were recovered, except one very important ring that Adele’s past husband gave her. As you can imagine this ring being the last ring that he gave her before passing was very special and important.

Errin searched the internet and found me on the www.theringfinders.com web site

After getting a message on my Cell Phone to called Adele re a lost ring I arranged a time to search.

About 20 minutes into the search I found this awesome 3 diamond ring.

I love my job, nothing better then a Happy Ending.

4 Replies to “Lost Ring in Victoria Found and Returned”

  1. Very important ring. Great results

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Kids…Happens a lot…Way to go on finding that beautiful ring Don and getting the kids out of the dog house!

  3. Errin Porter McAndrew says:

    Thanks, Don, for finding my mom’s ring! It was irreplaceable and we can’t tell you how grateful we all are. You’re the best!

    1. Don Marshall says:

      Having a happy ending for your holiday was my goal and I think we achieved that, Don Marshall

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