Lost Class Ring, Pensacola Beach - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Last night was awesome!  I got a message from Terri about 8:30 explaining that her daughter had lost her class ring earlier in the day in the edge of the Gulf. She had Lilly call me and explain some of the details. I knew we had to find this ring because it was her class ring for her Undergrad and her Graduate degree. I cringed when I asked if they had put any info on social media and she said yes. I looked online and found the exact location in multiple spots. I knew this ring had to be found immediately so I asked my wife if she was up for a night trip. She agreed so we headed out right away. I spent about an hour getting beaten by the shore break and then decided to change my search pattern a bit. It wasn’t long after that when I heard a very deep gold tone and gently scooped out Lilly’s very meaningful gold and Diamond class ring. We all high fived and celebrated by the glow of the flashlights. I’m very glad everyone was up for a night trip and Lilly has her ring back. 😃👍

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