Casey Davis, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost ring at swimming hole

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

I received a message that Josiah had lost his wedding ring at a swimming hole near Winfield Kansas. Recently married, this ring was given to him by his Father and held sentimental value. After searching for about 15 minutes, I got a nice signal in shoulder deep water. A beautiful gold ring showed up in my scoop and was reunited with its owner. Thrilled to help out Josiah and his wife, an amazing couple.


Ring Found! In an … Attic?

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

I received a message from George in Wichita Kansas concerning a lost ring. He informed that he and his wife were working in the attic of their home. His wife had put the ring in her coat pocket and later that night realized it was missing.

I try to never say no to a hunt, even in an attic with blown insulation 🙂

George had painstakingly prepared the lighting, extra footing, and garbage bags to help with the search. Searching inside homes can be difficult due to the amount of metal, but with some luck and a pinpointer it was found in about 10 minutes. Great job George on not giving up on the ring and giving me call!

What a pleasure it was visiting with him and his wife, wonderful people.


Rings found in Lake Elsinore using a metal detector

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Received a call from Sharla that her rings were lost in Lake Elsinore. I could tell this was not an ordinary loss by the tone of her voice… She sounded so discouraged on the phone,these rings meant so much to her. These are my favorite hunts, where there is a lot on the line.

I met her and her husband at the lake at 6am. There were already fisherman out with their lines in the water. Kindly, they accommodated us and let us search near their poles. After a brief discussion of how and where the rings were lost, I began my search in the water. Fishing weight, bottle cap, penny, more fishing weights. There were targets everywhere making the search somewhat difficult.

After 25 or 30 minutes, I got a shallow tone that sounded much like everything else. Scooped it out and dumped the pile of rocks and black sand on the beach. Out popped a little wedding band!! Woo hoo!!!! I carefully walked it over to Sharla and placed it in her hand. She melted and couldn’t believe it. We had found the smaller ring.

Now, time to find the engagement ring. I went right back to the spot of the other band, and another shallow target right next to it. I scooped it out and dumped it on the beach. I Couldn’t believe it, there was the engagement ring with a big beautiful diamond. I put it in my hand and walked over to Sharla. I dropped it in her hand and there was so much joy on her face. This is one moment and hunt I won’t forget. Even the fishermen left their poles to come and celebrate with us, giving fist bumps and applauding the moment. The rings had been found and put back on the hand where they belong.

I was then told by the couple that they have a pending divorce in court. They said if I didn’t find the ring, they would let the divorce go through. But if I did find it, it would be a sign to try again.

So glad we found the rings. Shawn and Sharla are the nicest people and so glad to be a part of their story. You couldn’t find two nicer people. Wishing them a lasting and beautiful marriage, strengthened by this experience.

Casey Davis

24k pendant goes missing at Carlsbad baseball field!

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Received a call from a friend that a pendant was lost somewhere in left field at a baseball field. The story went that he noticed the chain had fallen off and was lying on the ground. But the 24k pendant was nowhere to be seen!

A week had passed by then and the lawn had been cut in the meanwhile. But the grass was just long enough for a pendant to be hiding somewhere. After 45 minutes of searching the client said it was a good try anyways and headed home. I continued searching, now outside the parameters of the search area. A girls softball team had shown up and was putting some pressure on me to find it soon or leave. I got a nice clear tone from my detector and hidden beneath the grass a beautiful pendant showed itself. The client was thrilled to get his pendant back.

Lost & Found ring found in Oceanside CA with Metal Detector

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

While hunting at the beach in Oceanside California, my metal detector picked up a solid signal in the wet sand. As I moved the sand away I was surprised to see a beautiful class ring with a blue gemstone. It didn’t take long to realize the class ring was loaded with information. School, Date, first date, and initials! I was excited to start the search to find the owner of this beautiful ring. As soon as I got home, I hopped onto facebook and started my search. Within 20 minutes I found a gentleman named Neil who graduated from the school shown on the ring, graduated on the date of the ring, and had the same initials! I sent him a message and his wife a message, hoping that I didn’t come across as a crazy person. Boy was he suprised! Sure enough I had found the owner to the ring! He couldn’t believe that I had located his ring that was lost 20 years ago in Oceanside CA. He shared that 20 years ago he was playing football at the beach with his buddies and threw a long ball. He felt the ring fly off his hand and it disappeared into the sand. He believed it was gone forever. With luck and changing sand conditions, I was lucky enough to return it Neil. Thrilled to return this ring to Neil and look forward to the next return.

Lost Gold Ring at San Diego Park Found!

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Richard and his wife spent some time at the park relaxing and throwing the Frisbee. Not long after they realized Richard’s ring was missing! After an exhaustive search they gave up and Richard figured he would never see the ring again.

After speaking to Richard and his wife, we got up for an early morning search with the metal detectors. After identifying a few areas the ring could be, within just a few minutes it was Richard who spotted the ring lying just a few feet away! Richard was THRILLED to find the ring and couldn’t believe it. I could feel the adrenaline and see the joy on his face. What a great feeling and love to be a part of the ring return.

While I can’t take credit for finding the ring, I can take credit for getting him out of bed to have another look!😄

Metal Detector finds ring & owner found years later! – La Jolla

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

This is a pretty cool story about a recent ring return…. One year ago I was metal detecting La Jolla shores and found a mens gold wedding ring. It was very thin and appeared to have the initials JJ and the date 1938. After posting ads on craigstlist community lost and found with no response, I eventually gave up and assumed the owner was long gone. An entire year went by and I held onto the ring. Two weeks ago, I was metal detecting in the same general area as before, and I found a very unusual silver ring. It too had an inscription. I posted an ad on craigslist and hoped to find the owner. In my search to find the owner of the silver ring, I came across the facebook page “La Jolla Shores Lost & Found”. With some hope to find the owner of the silver ring I scrolled through posts all the way back to 2018. I then noticed a post for a “LOST GOLD RING, VERY THIN, INSCRIBED 1938” This caught my attention! In my pursuit of finding the owner of the silver ring I inadvertently found the owner of the gold ring! I messaged the owner and we confirmed that the ring I found was the same ring that was lost 2 years prior. The ring belonged to her boyfriends grandfather and slipped out of her bag on the way to the car. The ring was made in Poland prior to WW2 and is a family heirloom. I shipped the ring this past week and Mariane and Adam are THRILLED to have the ring back. We believe it to be a small miracle that all of the events unfolded as they did. It was meant to make it back home.

Newly-wed lost ring in De Luz (Recovered!)

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Received a call from Andrew who had lost his wedding ring a week ago. He was weed whacking on the side of a hill and slipped on the steep slope. After awhile he realized his new ring was missing! He came back another day and brought his fathers metal detector. After searching for an hour with no luck, he eventually found the ringfinders and gave me a call. The area it could have been lost was about 100 yards and the slope was much steeper than expected. To make it more difficult, the ring was made of steel which has a very similar tone as iron. After searching for only 10 minutes digging a couple of nails and iron junk, out popped Andrews very nice wedding ring. I told Andrew to open his hand and dropped the ring into his palm. “No way you found it!!!” Thrilled to be a part of another successful ring return. Best wishes to Andrew and his new bride!

Lost wedding ring in Palm Desert / Indio found!

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Received a call from Trevor that he lost his wedding ring while vacationing in Indio. He was playing catch in the backyard and at one point threw his glove in the air. When the glove left his hand, so did his ring! The ring disappeared somewhere in the grass. After renting a metal detector with no luck, he found ring finders and gave me a call. After 30 minutes of searching, I located the ring about 30 feet from the area we thought it would be, 14k White Gold ring. Trevor wasn’t available when I found the ring but mailed it out to him. Trevor was thrilled the ring came back to him, another successful return!

Lost Engagement Ring Found at Carlsbad beach

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

I was getting some fresh air at the beach and doing some metal detecting recently. As I was cleaning the beach during a very low tide, I hit a nice clear signal and out popped a BEAUTIFUL diamond/platinum engagement ring about 10 inches down in the sand. It’s probably the nicest ring I have found. Knowing that someone was really missing this ring, I put up several ads that a ring had been found. Two days later I was contacted by an individual who had lost a ring and described it in the right location and the exact description of the ring! After a few texts it was clear we had found the owner! The story was, she had lost the ring while vacationing with her family in Carlsbad a few days before. She had been playing with her kids in the waves when she felt the ring fly off into the surf. After some devastating moments and some frantic searching, it was clear that her engagement ring was lost.

She was beyond ecstatic that I had found the missing ring. Unbelievable really. Turns out she was celebrating her anniversary the day after we spoke. Because she lived in another state and was only here on vacation, I mailed the ring to her as soon as possible and she said it was the best anniversary present she could have received. A great return, so happy she has her beautiful ring back in her possession and best of luck to her and her husband.