Metal Detector finds ring & owner found years later! - La Jolla

  • from Murrieta (California, United States)

This is a pretty cool story about a recent ring return…. One year ago I was metal detecting La Jolla shores and found a mens gold wedding ring. It was very thin and appeared to have the initials JJ and the date 1938. After posting ads on craigstlist community lost and found with no response, I eventually gave up and assumed the owner was long gone. An entire year went by and I held onto the ring. Two weeks ago, I was metal detecting in the same general area as before, and I found a very unusual silver ring. It too had an inscription. I posted an ad on craigslist and hoped to find the owner. In my search to find the owner of the silver ring, I came across the facebook page “La Jolla Shores Lost & Found”. With some hope to find the owner of the silver ring I scrolled through posts all the way back to 2018. I then noticed a post for a “LOST GOLD RING, VERY THIN, INSCRIBED 1938” This caught my attention! In my pursuit of finding the owner of the silver ring I inadvertently found the owner of the gold ring! I messaged the owner and we confirmed that the ring I found was the same ring that was lost 2 years prior. The ring belonged to her boyfriends grandfather and slipped out of her bag on the way to the car. The ring was made in Poland prior to WW2 and is a family heirloom. I shipped the ring this past week and Mariane and Adam are THRILLED to have the ring back. We believe it to be a small miracle that all of the events unfolded as they did. It was meant to make it back home.


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  1. Christopher Turner says:

    Fantastic story! Amazing that you found them! Hopefully La Jolla Shores lost & found now knows about TheRingFinders

  2. Jeff Morgan says:

    BRAVO! Great work and amazing you found that thin ring is such good condition!
    I bet that couple was very happy and amazed beyond belief.

    Cheers, #SeattleRingHunter

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