Lost & Found ring found in Oceanside CA with Metal Detector

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

While hunting at the beach in Oceanside California, my metal detector picked up a solid signal in the wet sand. As I moved the sand away I was surprised to see a beautiful class ring with a blue gemstone. It didn’t take long to realize the class ring was loaded with information. School, Date, first date, and initials! I was excited to start the search to find the owner of this beautiful ring. As soon as I got home, I hopped onto facebook and started my search. Within 20 minutes I found a gentleman named Neil who graduated from the school shown on the ring, graduated on the date of the ring, and had the same initials! I sent him a message and his wife a message, hoping that I didn’t come across as a crazy person. Boy was he suprised! Sure enough I had found the owner to the ring! He couldn’t believe that I had located his ring that was lost 20 years ago in Oceanside CA. He shared that 20 years ago he was playing football at the beach with his buddies and threw a long ball. He felt the ring fly off his hand and it disappeared into the sand. He believed it was gone forever. With luck and changing sand conditions, I was lucky enough to return it Neil. Thrilled to return this ring to Neil and look forward to the next return.

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