Newly-wed lost ring in De Luz (Recovered!)

  • from Murrieta (California, United States)

Received a call from Andrew who had lost his wedding ring a week ago. He was weed whacking on the side of a hill and slipped on the steep slope. After awhile he realized his new ring was missing! He came back another day and brought his fathers metal detector. After searching for an hour with no luck, he eventually found the ringfinders and gave me a call. The area it could have been lost was about 100 yards and the slope was much steeper than expected. To make it more difficult, the ring was made of steel which has a very similar tone as iron. After searching for only 10 minutes digging a couple of nails and iron junk, out popped Andrews very nice wedding ring. I told Andrew to open his hand and dropped the ring into his palm. “No way you found it!!!” Thrilled to be a part of another successful ring return. Best wishes to Andrew and his new bride!