Lost Engagement Ring Found at Carlsbad beach

  • from Murrieta (California, United States)

I was getting some fresh air at the beach and doing some metal detecting recently. As I was cleaning the beach during a very low tide, I hit a nice clear signal and out popped a BEAUTIFUL diamond/platinum engagement ring about 10 inches down in the sand. It’s probably the nicest ring I have found. Knowing that someone was really missing this ring, I put up several ads that a ring had been found. Two days later I was contacted by an individual who had lost a ring and described it in the right location and the exact description of the ring! After a few texts it was clear we had found the owner! The story was, she had lost the ring while vacationing with her family in Carlsbad a few days before. She had been playing with her kids in the waves when she felt the ring fly off into the surf. After some devastating moments and some frantic searching, it was clear that her engagement ring was lost.

She was beyond ecstatic that I had found the missing ring. Unbelievable really. Turns out she was celebrating her anniversary the day after we spoke. Because she lived in another state and was only here on vacation, I mailed the ring to her as soon as possible and she said it was the best anniversary present she could have received. A great return, so happy she has her beautiful ring back in her possession and best of luck to her and her husband.