Rings found in Lake Elsinore using a metal detector

  • from Arkansas City (Kansas, United States)

Received a call from Sharla that her rings were lost in Lake Elsinore. I could tell this was not an ordinary loss by the tone of her voice… She sounded so discouraged on the phone,these rings meant so much to her. These are my favorite hunts, where there is a lot on the line.

I met her and her husband at the lake at 6am. There were already fisherman out with their lines in the water. Kindly, they accommodated us and let us search near their poles. After a brief discussion of how and where the rings were lost, I began my search in the water. Fishing weight, bottle cap, penny, more fishing weights. There were targets everywhere making the search somewhat difficult.

After 25 or 30 minutes, I got a shallow tone that sounded much like everything else. Scooped it out and dumped the pile of rocks and black sand on the beach. Out popped a little wedding band!! Woo hoo!!!! I carefully walked it over to Sharla and placed it in her hand. She melted and couldn’t believe it. We had found the smaller ring.

Now, time to find the engagement ring. I went right back to the spot of the other band, and another shallow target right next to it. I scooped it out and dumped it on the beach. I Couldn’t believe it, there was the engagement ring with a big beautiful diamond. I put it in my hand and walked over to Sharla. I dropped it in her hand and there was so much joy on her face. This is one moment and hunt I won’t forget. Even the fishermen left their poles to come and celebrate with us, giving fist bumps and applauding the moment. The rings had been found and put back on the hand where they belong.

I was then told by the couple that they have a pending divorce in court. They said if I didn’t find the ring, they would let the divorce go through. But if I did find it, it would be a sign to try again.

So glad we found the rings. Shawn and Sharla are the nicest people and so glad to be a part of their story. You couldn’t find two nicer people. Wishing them a lasting and beautiful marriage, strengthened by this experience.

Casey Davis

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