Lost Mens 10kt Gold Wedding Band Found At Dewey Beach Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 06/02/2022, I received a call from Holly regarding the loss of a 10kt Gold Wedding Band belonging to her husband Timmothy. Holly said that Timmothy had lost his ring on 05/30/2022 on the beach at Dewey Beach, Delaware while he was shaking the sand off of a towel. Holly said that she and Timmothy had just gotten married and that his ring was a little loose on his finger. Holly said that they had rented a metal detector to try to find the lost ring and that they were not able to locate it. Holly also said that they had help from a local resident who volunteered to help look for the ring with his metal detector and that the ring was still not able to be found. Holly requested that I make an attempt to find the missing wedding band, she also said that they were leaving to go back home. I told Holly that I would try to find the ring later in the day and that I would let her know the outcome of the search. Holly was able to provide me with a photograph of her standing on the beach in the area that the ring was lost in. The picture also included a fence that gave me a reference as to where she was on the beach. Upon arriving at the beach later in the day I began a search of the area that was in the picture that Holly had sent to me, the search ended with the ring not being located. I then decided to expand the search area and began a search of the area to the north of the original search area. After just a few swings of my detector I was able to locate the missing ring on the wet sand slope about two inches down in the sand. I then sent Holly a picture of the recovered ring to let her know that it had been found. Two days later I mailed the ring back to Holly as she had requested.

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