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Lost ring Ventura Beach Found!!

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call this morning from a colleague that works at the high school in our school district (I’m at the middle school) and he was in need of me finding his ring. Joe is a giant of a man but a real teddy bear at heart and has positively affected 1,000’s of kids in the community of Fillmore in all the time he has worked at FUSD. He and his wife had gone to the beach last night and while he was shaking the sand of his feet to leave he didn’t realize that his wedding ring also shook off. It was late when they were almost home when he realized his ring was missing. Joe and his wife are Christians and they prayed about what to do and they started to look online for how to find a lost ring at the beach and he saw my website and Ringfinders link and didn’t realize that I was a Ringfinder and he called me. After he briefed me on the beach he was at (Ventura harbor Beach) I had a really good idea where he was at and after school was out I headed out to the harbor to find his ring.

Joe had given me very specific instructions as to where he thought they were (232 steps from end of cement walkway) the only problem being was there are three cement walkways at this particular location. I chose the one I thought would be most likely and made my way down the beach.

When I got to the location I sized it up as if I had been there and set out to grid out the area to find the ring. My only fear was he had lost it somewhere along the 232 steps to the location which would make this return more difficult. My first signal was junk and then I got a great sounding hit on my Excalibur II and there was gold in my scoop. There was no doubt this was Joe’s ring as there are very few humans around here with a finger the size of his. The ring is so big you could use it as a fishing weight. I face-timed him to show him the ring and the rest is history. The ring was back!!