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Gold Wedding Band Lost In Beaumont, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Ray called me this morning requesting my service to locate his 24 year old wedding ring which he lost during the weekend while doing some landscaping on his acreage.
I told Ray I would drop by around 2:00pm and find his ring for him. When I arrived I met his wife Shama and she showed me the area they both were working at in the yard. She said that she took her rings off and put them in her pocket, Ray took his ring off and placed the ring on the tractors fender and kept on placing rocks and bark mulch along his yard and without realizing he hopped on the tractor and moved more mulch around the yard. When they were finished Ray realized his ring was missing.
I picked up my Nox with a 6” coil and search the area where the tractor was first parked. Within ten minutes I had Ray’s ring in my hand.

I called Shama over and she could not believe her eyes or that I had found his ring so quickly.
Another happy couple!

White Gold Diamond Pendent Necklace Found Terwillegar Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text from Preena on Tuesday inquiring what I charged to find a diamond necklace lost in a back yard.  When I spoke with Preena, she informed me that her daughter was attending her graduation party in a friends back garden.  After asking Preena many questions I agreed to meet up with her the next day.

When I met Preena at the house and she showed me pictures of her daughter with and without the necklace on her!  Preena said that the had searched the back garden with out any luck, and I reassured Preena if the neckless was lost in the garden I would find it!

It took me over one hour to locate the necklace.  Preena was grateful to have the necklace back as the necklace was very sentimental to her.   It was gifted to her by her husband when her third child was born.  Preena had given the necklace to her eldest daughter on her graduation day.

Another happy Client.











Lost Key Fob Terwillegar Park Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received an e-mail from Curt yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate his lost house keys and car fob while he was walking his dogs at the park. Yesterday Edmonton was under heavy snow fall warning around 8 inches had fallen which made locating his keys very difficult to find for Curt.

Curt had to walked home, he googled to rent a metal detector and found my Blog page, I called Curt I told him I would meet him at the park within the hour.  Meet up with Curt at the park I asked him when he noticed the keys where missing he told me he had walked approximetly 1/2 a mile into the park he took his gloves out of his pocket and that’s when he realised the keys where gone, I told Curt that would be a good place to start searching with in ten minutes I found his Keys Curt was very happy to have them back in his hand, We all know how expensive those Key Fob are to replace! Thank you Curt.

Another Happy Client.

Lost 14K Gold Wedding Band! Sherwood Hights Neighbourhood, Sherwood Park, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Derrick requesting my service to locate his dad’s lost wedding band which he had lost yesterday while out in the back yard building a snow man with his grand children.  Derrick told me he and his dad spent all afternoon searching for the ring with no luck, and today Derrick went on the internet to see where he could rent a metal detector and that’s where he came across my blog page.

I told Derrick I would be down to his place shortly.   When I meet Derrick’s dad at the door, he showed me the approximate where the ring was lost and within 15 minutes I had the ring back on his dad’s finger.

Another Happy Client and a great start for the first day of 2020.   Thank you Ross and Derrick ,for entrusting me to locate your lost ring.