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Gold Wedding Band Lost In Beaumont, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Ray called me this morning requesting my service to locate his 24 year old wedding ring which he lost during the weekend while doing some landscaping on his acreage.
I told Ray I would drop by around 2:00pm and find his ring for him. When I arrived I met his wife Shama and she showed me the area they both were working at in the yard. She said that she took her rings off and put them in her pocket, Ray took his ring off and placed the ring on the tractors fender and kept on placing rocks and bark mulch along his yard and without realizing he hopped on the tractor and moved more mulch around the yard. When they were finished Ray realized his ring was missing.
I picked up my Nox with a 6” coil and search the area where the tractor was first parked. Within ten minutes I had Ray’s ring in my hand.

I called Shama over and she could not believe her eyes or that I had found his ring so quickly.
Another happy couple!

Lost gold ring found in Woodcliff Lake,NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Bob was cleaning the gutters on his house in November, 2019. As he grabbed handfuls of leaves and threw them down, he felt his 14 Carat gold wedding band slip off his finger. He searched for the ring and even rented a metal detector to try and locate it.

His wife found me through the Ringfinder site and we agreed to a time for me to look. After one 2 hour session, I had no luck locating the ring.

I returned and broadened my search to be further from the house. Within 1/2 an hour I received a strong signal and there 35 ft. From the house I found the ring about 2 inches below the soil.

They were elated to get the ring back ! Another recovery by the Ringfinders!!