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Lost Earring Queen Elizabeth Park Edmonton, Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Annette yesterday requesting my service to help her locate an earring that had been lost Wednesday in the park. We agreed to meet this morning.

When I met up with Annette  she said the earrings were very special to her as they were hand made in South Africa and had sentimental value to her.  Annette showed me the area where she had been walking , and that was now covered in fallen autumn leaves  just like her lost earring.

After about a 1  1/2hour search her earring was found and Annette was very happy to have her missing earring back in her possession.

Thank you Annette for entrusting me to help you find your lost earring.


Treasure Box Lost in Attic Insulation in Richmond, Texas found by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Treasure Box Lost in Attic Insulation in Richmond, Texas (found) by John Volek

I was contacted by Dustin regarding a lost treasure box in the attic of his home in Richmond, Texas. Dustin said prior to leaving for a vacation several months back, he had hidden an ammo box with some important papers and other personal items in the attic of his residence. Dustin said, he had placed the ammo box under the insulation some where in one of the two attic spaces in his residence. Dustin said, this was done literally while walking out the door to go on his vacation.

Dustin said after several months he went back into the attic to retrieve the box, he said, he couldn’t find the box in the twelve inches of attic insulation.

Dustin said, several months have passed since then, and he has searched the attic numerous times trying to locate the missing ammo box.

Dustin said he was researching the internet for ways to find a metal object and came across “The Ring Finders” website. Dustin said he didn’t think twice and placed the call!

Made the short trip over to Dustin’s today and was shown the area’s needing to be searched. They were two separate attic space areas in different area of the home. I selected what appeared to be the more difficult of the two attic spaces to search first. I select the wrong one, cleared it with negative results and moved across the house to the smaller of the two attic spaces.

A few minutes later a solid signal indicating a large metal object, Dustin’s picture tell the rest of the story.














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Equipment Used:

AT Gold

Super Sniper Coil

Pin-pointer with Extension Handle







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