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Found White Gold Wedding Band

Found White Gold Wedding Band

I received a call a couple of days ago to locate a men’s white gold wedding band. The gentleman described to me how he lost the ring in his back yard years earlier. During the call, I could hear the sense of urgency in his voice and knew I had to find it. We decided on a day and time to meet and started retracing his steps. Just hours after I uncovered the ring and returned it to its owner, I received this testimonial:

A white gold wedding band inscribed with personal tributes to our love. That ring means so much to me. I kissed it every day. I would sometimes ask my wife to kiss it to “seal it.” I lost a lot of weight to get healthy when my first son was born. My ring no longer fit, and I used to remove my ring when I went swimming or exercised. I would take it off if I sat in the sun as I was afraid I might sweat and it would slip. One afternoon, I was sitting in my backyard enjoying the day. I did what I always did: Put my book, water-bottle and my ring under my chair.

I got on the phone and paced a bit around the yard. I went up to the deck and around and down the stairs. I also had moved my chair a few times to face the sun. After an hour had passed, I decided to go inside. My ring had disappeared.

I was mortified. I got on my hands and knees and looked for hours. I took a rake and combed every piece of the area in which I had placed my chair. When my son came home, I had him looking with me. My ring was lost.

I kept thinking of renting a metal detector but put that off. I read some articles, and it seemed a difficult prospect for me to pull off. Then I resigned myself to it being lost. I guess I had not entirely lost hope. Two-plus years later, I happened upon Mr. Wille and I called Mr. Wille up, and he was so very kind and patient. I explained the situation, what the ring meant to me. Mr. Wille understood and told me what he would do to find it. I must say that I was taken aback by his level of confidence. There was no “if” or “but” in his words or even in his voice. He was going to find this ring. I will also add here that all he asked for was money to cover gas. This was not possible, but I figured I would try it.

We set up a date within days of my call, and Mr. Wille arrived exactly when he said he would. I walked him around my yard and through all my paces from that day and then returned to work at 9 AM.

I was in a meeting with a colleague when a text came through at 11:20.

It was a picture Mr. Wille sent to me of my ring. He had positioned it gloriously atop a rock, and it still glistened in the late morning sun. I swear it took everything I had to not cry at that moment (later, I cried after the meeting ended).

I called Mr. Wille and sped home soon thereafter, where he showed me the ring. I was at a total loss for words. He showed me the spot where he found it. It was not far from where I had been sitting, but it was 2-3 inches underground.

He also shared some old coins and various “treasures” he had found in my yard. I must say, I was too stunned to hear and too blissed-out to listen. I really could not believe that the ring had been returned to me.

Mr. Wille would not accept much in terms of a reward, but I plan on sending him more via mail anyway and hope he will be hard-pressed to send it back. His genuine compassion, paired with his obvious love for what he does, is astounding. I work in a field where empathy, compassion, and kindness are highly valued. It is nice to know that people like Mr. Wille are out there compassionately, gently reuniting people with truly priceless things. My ring, in terms of monetary value, not much. My ring, in terms of what it means to my heart, my soul to see it again – I could never have enough money to pay for that. Thank you, Mr. Wille.



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