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Lost and found diamond engagement ring Inverary Ontario

My ring recovery today took me to a horse farm in Inverary, just north of Kingston Ontario.  Received a text from Nick and Meaghan, about her having just lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while feeding the horses. She just had taken out a couple of bails of hay to their feeders when she realized that her ring was missing. The good news is that she knew for sure she had her ring on before feeding the horse. The bad news is she wasn’t exactly sure where and when she had lost the ring. Even worse, did one of the horses eat the ring while feeding on the freshly spread hay in the feeder. She moved the horses into another field for the night, while they tried to find the ring through the hay.
I met with them first thing this morning and started to spread and search through the hay, with no luck so far. While picking her brains, in the chain of events during last evening, she did mentioned that she had thrown old wet feed from the feeder onto the ground prior to putting in fresh Hay, Since we’ve had 3 days of solid rain this week, the ground near the feeders was a soup like wet mud. After a few minutes, I heard that distinct sweet sound of gold and while using my pin pointer, was able to fish out her ring from the mud. Very happy and appreciative young couple plus, I got to visit and pet some horses. Another happy ending!