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Wedding gold band recovered at end of dock

Received a call from Clint this morning about how he lost his gold wedding band in Verona area (North of Kingston). He explained that while climbing down a metal ladder at the end of his dock, his wedding band got caught on a steel bolt, nearly taking the skin off his finger. This is when the ring got ripped off his finger and fell into the lake.

Having Google mapped the location, I grabbed my trusted Excalibur II water metal detector, and all of my Scuba gear and headed his way. within a couple hours I met with Clint, discussed and assessed the situation and dove to find his ring. Being in only about 8’ of water, the bottom was your typical mix of silt and sand, with zero visibility once you start stirring the bottom up. However, after having a few false hits due to metal chains holding the dock in place, I heard that unmistakable sweet gold tone and was able to narrow my search using my Garrett pin pointer. From there, you just go by feel, until you feel the gold band between your fingers.

Needless to say, Clint was extremely happy and surprised that I was able to find it for him. Glad I was able to reunite him with his wedding band. Another happy camper.