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Carlsbad State beach Metal Detector Lost ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders metal detector service helped find and return a lost gold wedding band at Carlsbad State beach. OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

July 5th I received a text from Dale who was at Carlsbad beach TWR 36 on the 4th of July when he noticed his ring had fallen out of a pocket into the sand.The group of six tried sifting through the sand but with no luck.He was already back in L.A but asked if I could help find it for him.Fortunately it was only 7 minutes away so I headed down immediately.

As I walked around I noticed tight Grid lines in the sand EVERY where! Bad news, This means a metal detector Guy was here earlier and the ring is most likely gone!! I text Dale to confirm this was the location hoping I’m at the wrong TWR,He text me back and said yes that’s where I was just south of the tower on the slight slope. 😱 I had to at least scan over the guys grid mark patterns on the slope with hopes he missed it…On my 2nd pass back I get a signal 4-5” down then out popped a white Gold Ring..right in the Detectorist’s tracks!

I text Dale that I have found a ring then sent him the photo. He was at work when he got the pic and jumped out of his seat in excitement & shock.He text me he actually had to explain to his co-workers what happened and they were all amazed!

A few days later I met Dale and Brenda at Tamarack beach.The smiles lit up and they were very grateful to have this precious wedding back at last.

Thank you for the kind reward!




Lost Gold Ring Del Mar Beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost Gold Ring at Del Mar beach. OPEN NOW 24/7 Call 760 889 2751

Sunday morning I received a call from a number in Ireland.?? I answered and it was an Irish gentleman at Del Mar beach on vacation who had just lost his wedding ring in the dry sand below Powerhouse Park. After a few questions I was immediately on my way in the Batmobile and arrived to find his Gold band buried in the sand after nearly just a few minutes of searching with my Metal Detector.

This particular beach and others in San Diego County get cleaned morning and night by local Detector hobbyist in which many are new to the game due to social media…It was a darn good thing he found me on Theringfinders website!   ☘️ Cheers me lad🥂


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Lost ring vista metal detector

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Theringfinders metal detecting service helped find and Return a lost Gold ring in Vista,ca.

January 4th,2017  I received a call from Jim who had lost his gold ring in his backyard while gardening and tossing snails from the plants when..He felt his ring fly away flashing suddenly & disappearing into the abysal hill.

Jim had vigorously searched through the bushy hill area for a day or two with No luck & anvil while his wedding ring was hiding…

Fortunately he was able to find my contact number on Theringfinders metal detecting service Web page. 👍

After Arriving 10 min early plus excited about the hunt and well equipped with the Garrett Advanced Pulse Induction metal detector on a sniper coil ready to go…

I then began scanning and ruling out where it’s Not!  With patients & Process of illumination of where it’s NOT and where it is??  I had found His Celtic Gold ring inches from an iron fence,Iron Rebar below with sodium lights giving bad and false signals!

Amazing and shocking this has turned out!

Jim had First saw his Ring when I heard it  swinging my detector down the slope. What an Awesome story to share and glad you took the time hear it.

What a Cool guy to meet as well.We are both Mopar guys,We Talked muscle cars longer than the recovery. North county locals✌️

I use a Multi-Tool Detector👍 Call Me A.S.AP