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San Diego Metal Detector Guy found lost ring

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TheRingFinders San Diego Metal Detecting Service helped find another lost ring at the beach.OPEN NOW 24/7 CALL 760 889-2751

June 24th. Sunday morning,It was finally a sunny day Here in San Diego during our “June Gloom” Weather which happens to be caused by A Catalina eddy that flows in a fairly small counterclockwise circulation with similarity’s of an area of low pressure and develops invariably off the California coast, typically from Point Conception to San Diego, also known as the “Bight of California.” The eddy gets its name from where it mostly forms, near Santa Catalina Island.

This particular sunny morning was a busy beach day when I was contacted from a very nice family at Camp Del Mar about a precious Ring lost in the sand at Camp Pendleton. Though,I was actually sleeping 😴 after a midnight night hunt while ironically searching for long lost rings in California with Chris Turner who happens to be the CEO of TheRingFinders. I got the text/call and I immediately woke up with one eye and finished the remainder of my Starbucks coffee from the night before in the fridge and drove there to help them.

There was 1 hurdle before the search to begin due to the request of proper I.D or a sponsored civilian passport that has been recently required to enter the Military base in Oceanside CA.

After finally arriving to the scene of the lost ring,I turned on my metal detector and found this precious metal buried in the sand in just minutes! Instantly hugs and smiles light up all around. I was Overwhelmed after sleep walking with my detector but this is still one of my fastest recovery’s,Yet thankfully on a day where a weekend cat nap was needed to Eat,Sleep,Search And live to detect again.


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Lost Gold Ring Del Mar Beach

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The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost Gold Ring at Del Mar beach. OPEN NOW 24/7 Call 760 889 2751

Sunday morning I received a call from a number in Ireland.?? I answered and it was an Irish gentleman at Del Mar beach on vacation who had just lost his wedding ring in the dry sand below Powerhouse Park. After a few questions I was immediately on my way in the Batmobile and arrived to find his Gold band buried in the sand after nearly just a few minutes of searching with my Metal Detector.

This particular beach and others in San Diego County get cleaned morning and night by local Detector hobbyist in which many are new to the game due to social media…It was a darn good thing he found me on Theringfinders website!   ☘️ Cheers me lad🥂


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Lost Silver,Lost Gold. Vista C.A

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TheRingFinders Metal Detecting Service helped find and return another Sentimental piece of jewelry in San Diego!

I got a call from a lady who lost her earring in a grass field at brengle terrace park,Located in Vista California.

Prior to many hours looking for the earring with her friends and thinking about, Buying/Renting a metal detector.

She had Found me online. After meeting her there with in the same hour I was called..while going over the story how it was lost…. …Abruptly..She said Oh NO…,The Lawnmower was here… Dang! My heart also Sank too💔!

There was Freshly Cut Grid marks and who knows where it could of been chopped up or flung too? I will admit,Bad scenero but The story of how it was lost when her 100 pound dog knocked it off her ear with its big paws in a small area had me excited,yet shadowed after seeing fresh lawnmower Lines..Oh Oh.😬

I knew it was somewhere, to be found?Right?           I enjoy the Search/hunt Either way..BTW😀

So I turned on my P.I machine and instantly was hit by Sodium lights that Interferes with metal detector equipment!!. I have spent many years practicing for this situation, It took me a few seconds to eliminate the false signals and dial in a smoother threshold on the A.P.I Pulse inducter machine..

After roughly 5-15 minutes in the search and nearly ten signals that I marked and skipped,I get a Good Matching signal⚒ 0-1 inches deep + Sounding like a choppy dime,Or small silver. Fortunately she had brought the other earring so I could hear it and I Knew..🎻🎼 🏁

We both stirred up the grass using our fingers like rakes and (Boom)  OMG it popped up.

I believe one of us caught it mid-air! I can’t remember? But the feeling we both had was Electricfying like Nikola Tesla. 😀

I was even shaken up ~ Long after Finding it!

What an Awesome Metal detector service to be apart of. I have to say thanks to Chris Turner  Theringfinders Founder and Fellow Old timers,like John Hughes,Stan Ross,Bernie McGrath and David McCracken that have showed me the light.

Decades of experience in this hobbie has made it possible to find and return lost Jewelry.

(If you lost it,We can find it)

“Who ya gonna google”  Curtis Cox  760 889 2751

Call or text.  24/7  I’m ready✌️