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Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Recovered for Owner, Mashpee, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Mike forgot his clam rake when he went to the beach, but that didn’t stop him from digging for quahogs.  The only implements available for digging were his hands, and he made good use of them until he realized that his gold and diamond wedding band had been left behind somewhere in the muddy sand.  He took careful note of the area where the ring likely was lost, probably some 50-60 feet offshore, obtained a non-waterproof detector and made an attempt to find the ring but had no success.

Browsing the web, Mike’s wife found my Ring Finders page and contacted me several days later.  I talked to Mike and we made arrangements to meet so he could show me the area to search.  At the beach he waded out to where he thought the ring might be, and I marked it with a buoy and started my search.  After some additional thought he moved the buoy and I searched that area for about 50 minutes until it seemed clear that I was getting out of the zone where the ring might be.  I moved back to the original area and sure enough, within about 10 minutes had the ring in my scoop.  With some huge smiles, handshakes, and hugs the ring was soon back on Mike’s finger where it belonged!

Thanks Mike, for the opportunity to help you out and get that beautiful ring out of the mud and back in its rightful place!

Mike’s gold & diamond ring.

A big smile from Mike.

Gold Wedding Band Recovered for Owner, Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Just arriving from the west coast to visit her family on Cape Cod, Emily learned that her father had lost his wedding ring at a local pond two days before.  She had previously heard of The Ring Finders so she did a local search, came up with my number, and gave me a call.  Forty-five minutes later I met with Emily and her father John at his home by the pond and we discussed how and where his ring most likely was lost.  He believed that it probably had come off in an area 20′-30′ square while he was playing in the water with youngsters of his extended family.

I went to the edge of the area where John thought the ring might be, made a mark in the sand, and started a shore-parallel search in the shallow edge of the water.  One swing, second swing…  and a whopping signal.  I stuck my scoop in the sand and as I did so the sloshing water exposed a golden crescent.  I bent over, slid John’s ring into the scoop, and carried it up the beach to where he was standing with expectant (or maybe puzzled) family members.  We were all in disbelief that I’d found the ring immediately!  Emily asked if I’d ever made such a quick recovery, and all I could say was ‘Never!’  Sometimes the angels just smile on you!

John, Emily, and family, it was great to meet you and to see the smiles on your faces when we met with success.  Enjoy your summer on ‘golden’ pond!