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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kaimana Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Chris who was on her 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration at Waikiki Beach when her husband Bob’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band slipped off in waist deep water at Kaimana Beach.  They were leaving the next day for home in Seekonk, Massachusetts.  I told Chris I just got out of the water from a morning hunt but I would gear up again and be there in about 30 minutes.  It was early enough that I wouldn’t have a problem parking near to the beach.  When I arrived Bob & Chris met me on the beach and we proceeded down to the water.  Bob acted as my marker for where he thought the ring came off his finger.  I did a grid parallel to the shore and no joy.  Since I wasn’t exactly sure what the tides were and the ring was lost 2 hours prior to my arrival I decided to go perpendicular to the shore and went out to at least neck deep to be sure.  Again, Bob was my marker.  When I was near the second to last grid line I got a loud #12-13 on the Nox.  I was maybe 10 feet from Bob in waist deep water and it took about 8 scoops to get that target in my scoop.  I was beginning to think it might be a bathing suit rivet when I finally recovered the target and was letting the sand drain from my scoop their appeared a very unique yellow gold ring.  I showed it to Bob and he exclaimed excitedly, “That’s it” and immediately put it on his finger.  He shouted to Chris on the shore he got it and many applauses from the beach goers went up.  I was so relieved to have found this ring that Bob kept reminding me “50 YEARS Joe”  Much Aloha to Chris & Bob and many more!