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Lost Aggie Ring – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This past Saturday my wife and I went over to Biloxi for the day to celebrate her birthday. On the way back we must have seen over 100 cars with Texas tags. My wife said, “oh look, there’s another one of your Texas A&M friends headed to the beach”. I smiled and said that I hoped they had their rings on tight. For those that don’t know, I have a special place in my heart for the Aggies and over the years I have helped quite a few get their lost rings back. They have always been really nice and I have learned a bit about their rings and the stories behind them in the process. Sure enough, I got a call Sunday night from Erica who was down for the week with her Aggie friends in Gulf Shores. AL. She believed that while they were throwing a football back and forth her ring must have come off in the sand. Luckily I was in that area for work the next day and I told her I would come take a look over the lunch hour. She didn’t know exactly where it might be so I quickly started gridding out a large area and apologizing to people that I was getting in the way of. Erica is a senior and she is becoming a nurse and committed to the Air Force. As I went back and forth I thought about how she really deserved to get her ring back. I’m glad that the Man upstairs agreed with me because after about 40 mins of searching I got a strong gold tone. It was already a bit deeper than I expected with the wind blown sand but I was able to gently recover it and give it back to a very happy Erica while her friends looked on. Erica, I truly wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you for your future service.

Lost Texas A&M Ring Canyon Lake, Texas found by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Ring Canyon Lake, Texas
I was contacted by Kelly, a Comal Country Deputy Sheriff who was looking for someone to help find her brothers Texas A&M Class Ring…
Kelly posted a comment amongst some of her friends on Facebook, and a fellow Police Officer responded that they new just the right person.
I spoke to Kelly a short time later and she explained that her brother Brian had lost his new Texas A&M Class Ring in a swim area in Canyon Lake.
Kelly put me in contact with Brian, and he provided additional details on his ring and the location lost. Brain indicated he was having a get together with some of his former military brothers at Canyon Lake.
Brain said it was during this event that he lost his new ring. Brian said while swimming in the lake, he felt his ring slip off and drop down to about the 8-foot mark. Brian said he tried effortlessly to recover his ring that afternoon.
Brian indicated he returned the following day with some dive gear and made another effort at recovering his lost ring, but he had no success.
I am guessing it was during this point, that his sister got wind of the situation and started her own investigation!
Kelly and Brian both provided photographs of the search location…and Brian was very confident he had a very good idea of where the ring had come off his hand.
I contacted my partner Carl to see if he was up for a 6 hour round trip dive adventure to Canyon Lake…
We made final arrangements with Brian to meet him at the location on Sunday morning to search for his lost ring.
































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Lost Texas A&M Class Ring

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)



 Open Case in Houston: Lost Men’s 2013 Texas A&M Class Ring-Engraved (EW Arnold)

The actually location where the ring was lost remains unknown, possibly in the West University area of Houston.

A reward is being offered for the recovery of this Texas A&M class ring.

 A metal detecting search of a possible location lost has been exhausted.

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