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Lost smart phone Port Hueneme Beach Found

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

We got out early to hit the beach at Port Hueneme. The area around the pier is a great place to metal detect as the beach is beautiful and it attracts lots of beach goers every summer. We were working the towel line on the north side of the pier collecting the usual bottle caps, pull tabs and coins when we decided to move up more towards the middle of the beach and walk back towards the pier.

I was sweeping my coil and I started to get multiple hits and I began to recover quarters, nickels and a few pennies all within a 6 foot circle. Knowing I was on a coin spill I started to widen out my circle and I got a large hit, dug down with my scoop and popped out a brand new Alcatel smart phone. Cell phones have become major parts of our lives so I knew I had to try and find it’s owner as I turned it on and there was still battery left meaning it had likely been lost the evening/day before. The phones identification was all in Spanish so I enlisted my hunting partner to see if his wife could lead us to the owner as she speaks fluent Spanish.

Two days later and we were able to make the return. It’s not a lost ring but when the average smart phone costs nearly as much as a 96 Honda Civic, a good return like this is worth it. Lupe had hundreds of pictures of her kids and family on it making this a priceless return.

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