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Lost White Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Queen’s Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ariana who was visiting from San Francisco, California celebrating her graduation.  The text said, “Hello!  Please help, I lost my wedding ring in the water at Waikiki.”  There was a map of Queen’s Beach attached.  I called her immediately and said I could be there in about 15 minutes.  She was five minutes away at her hotel and agreed to go back to the beach to show me where to hunt.  We met at the Surfer statue and she told me she had put her wedding ring on a necklace to keep from losing it and as she was coming to shore a wave hit her and when she got up her necklace was broke and the ring was gone.  The surf report was a bit off as waves were crashing into and up onto the shoreline.  I was not looking forward to this hunt!  As I entered the water a wave crashed into me and threw me back.  After regaining my posture I got a break in the swell and moved into the water.  I got an immediate #16 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Ariana’s White Gold & Diamond ring in the scoop.  I could not believe the blessing I just received.  I yelled to shore, “I got it!” and looks of bewilderment greeted me as I climbed up the shore slope.  Ariana looked into the scoop with disbelief and said,  “OMG that’s it!”  Many tourists thanked me for what I do.  No, Thank you! Elapsed time from water entry less then 1 minute.  So relieved I didn’t have to get plowed by the surf during a hunt.  Especially when Ariana really wasn’t sure when the ring had come off.  Ariana and Loren fly back to San Fran tomorrow and taking everything with them.  Aloha to Ariana & Loren!