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Lost electrical tower rings found Fillmore

I got a text late last night from John who is a lineman for an electrical contractor that works up on the large transmission towers in the back country and said he had been up 100 feet on one of the towers when the two parts of ring to hold the transmission wires down on the tower connection had come apart and fallen to the ground. It was a one lane road up the side of the mountain where if you didn’t have four wheel drive you weren’t going to make it. The value of the ring was in the fact that if we couldn’t find them it would take over a week to get another one to the site. The first half fell without hitting the tower and John was able to give me the general area and I found it within a few minutes. The second piece though fell and hit the frame of the tower three times causing it to fall and bounce away from the tower. Unfortunately there were no eyes on this piece and the search area was simply “everywhere”.

The tower was perched on the side of a hill so I literally had to detect with one hand on the brush and the other swinging the detector billy goat style. I tried to maintain a grid pattern and finally after about an hour I got the tone I was looking for and found the other half that had buried itself about 3 inches just due to the weight and the height that it fell from. Given the dense brush, the location of the tower on the side of the hill it was a great find. It’s the largest ring I’ve ever found and it’s important to remember that not all rings go on a finger but some go on towers carrying electricity in places you would never expect to have to swing a detector.I was so glad to represent the detecting profession as it’s not often that our efforts go to helping keep the lights on.