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Lost Platinum Wedding Band .. Dana Point, CA. .. Found in Tot Lot

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mike had walked to a neighborhood park with his young son. While they were at the kids play area he noticed his platinum wedding band missing from his finger. The last time he remembered seeing his ring was at the house.
That night he returned to the swings which had wood chips on the ground. He thought that using a flashlight while raking through the ground cover might give him a glimpse of the ring. There still was a chance that his ring may have slipped off anywhere between the house and the park.
After discussing the details of the loss, I could only offer to search the places where the ring could be hiding. The most likely would be the child’s swing area where he was the most active.
Mike met me at the park early the next morning and it didn’t take long to get a nice low tone signal that turned out to be Mike’s platinum ring. I took a few minutes to show Mike how the detector works by digging a few coins in the same area.
I had high hopes that the ring would be in the swing area. I can recall at least 5 other rings recovered at swing sets. It has become easier to determine where a ring was lost after hearing many lost ring stories. Still, you never know unless you try.