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Diamond engagement ring found in Port Hope Ontario

I was contacted by Lisa last week due to having lost her diamond engagement ring at a beach near Port hope. She had actually placed four rings in her jean pocket and then into her beach bag. When it was time to leave, the kids had emptied the bag and Lisa flung her jean shorts over her shoulder, sending the rings flying onto the sandy beach. After searching for a while, a gentleman and his young daughter came over and asked what they were looking for. Lisa told them what had happened and then the little girl showed her a gold ring she had found earlier. It was one of the four missing rings. Remembering where she had found it, they were able to find two more rings in the sand. Unable to locate the fourth ring, her engagement ring, this is when she found me online to go and help. I met up with Lisa’s mom the very next morning at the beach to discover that the town’s beach combing machine had been through the whole beach overnight. Luckily, I was able to find her ring in less then five minutes for her. Another happy ending!!!