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Lost White Gold Engagement Ring Mayflower Beach Cape Cod, Ma

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I got a call from Liz a rising star, on Monday morning 7/18/2016 hoping that I could help her find her lost Engagement Ring … they were out late swimming in the ocean the night before…I jumped into action immediately, because here on the east coast, we have tides to contend with… within an hour I was on the beach with 3 people that were really hoping that I could pin point the ring … ( No Pressure there…LOL )  They put me in the general area, I went to work, and literally 3 holes and only 5 minutes into the hunt there it was laying there on top of the sand … Liz, is an up and coming Star Actress from NY… She was extremely happy to have the ring back and she sent me 2 front row tickets to her play they were doing over the weekend… Thank You Liz, for letting me be the one to rejoin a special Diamond Ring back to you… A friend always Leighton..


I received this from Liz Tancredi this afternoon…
Two weeks ago, on a beautiful Thursday night complete with high tide and the full moon, some friends and I went for a midnight dip in the bay. We all worked for Cape Rep Theatre in Brewster, so this little patch of the bay, a mere stroll from the theater, is a favorite spot for all of us, even a place of nostalgia for summers past.
I run to the water, dive in, and as soon as I emerge I realize my engagement ring is no longer on my finger. I say, “Guys, not to cause any alarm but my engagement ring fell off…” next thing I know my friends Val and Amanda and diving and desperately swatting at the water and sand, to no avail. Realizing it’s useless to look for a ring at high tide in total darkness, we head back to the beach and I gather my things to head home, trying my best to stay positive, “We’ll come back at low tide! It’s just a ring! I’m fine! At least it’s in a place I love!” Of course I was so upset and holding back a waterfall of tears. I had gone swimming a dozen times with this ring on my finger! Why this time!?
While I was sulking back to the house, Lewis, another witness to the loosing, paced back out into the water so he could mark on the beach the general area of bay it must be in, and Amanda began a desperate internet search for a metal detector and what did she come across but Ring Finders!
I get up at 6am to begin my low tide search, immediately realizing there’s no way I will find it with bare eyes and hands. So I email the one and only Leighton Harrington, hoping beyond hope he decides I’m a cause worth helping. Sure enough, he calls!!! We have a window of a few more hours of low tide, in which the bay is almost devoid of water, prime searching conditions. Lewis and Amanda are back on the beach, who also couldn’t resist the urge to just keep looking. Lewis does a grid walk of the area, we jam a stick in the sand where we feel like it fell off, and we wait for our knight with a metal detector.
Leighton arrives with his gear and a positive attitude. He was so confident and upbeat I had a hard time believing him when he said, “there’s no guarantee we’ll find it.” We show him the area and had a good laugh at our plotting and stick markers. In less than 5 minutes Leighton had come across 3 spots that could be a small white gold object. The first beep was a nail, the second was an old cap, and the third beep made him stop and take off his headphones to beckon me over. “Liz, I think you’ll want to come over here.” My heart was beating out of my chest, I was so nervous! Sure enough he scoops up some sand, spreads it out, and before I see the glimmer I hear Amanda yell, “OH MY GOD!” and sure enough, a diamond ring, MY diamond ring, was in the pile of sand. We all burst into tears, hugged each other, and took a million photos. I was so ready to say goodbye to it forever, the elation of finding it was indescribable. Leighton had the tools, the knowledge, and the personality, to find the ring and make me feel like everything was going to be ok! We thanked him with tickets to our play which was closing that weekend.
Thanks to Lewis, Amanda, Val and of course, Leighton Harrington, I still have my ring, which I love now more than ever! My husband’s response to all of this, by the way, was simply, “Thank God it wasn’t your wedding band!”. As he would have taken that as a terrible omen. Liz Tancredi

18K with ice–found in the ice! (My first find blog!)



Well, not my first successful ring return, but my first blog on the subject!  This is my second successful recovery for 2016 and I just wanted to share because we’re off to such a good start this year.

I received a message from a gentleman in Gaithersburg (a little north of DC) who required my assistance in locating an 18K gold ring with diamonds.  The ring was lost from a third story balcony.  His wife was throwing snow up in the air while he photographed her.  One photo the ring was there, the next photo, GONE!  They sifted and melted over two feet of snow for quite some time before turning to the internet for help.

I was able to make it out a couple days later and the search was on!  Directly below the balcony was a concrete slab which was a lower neighbor’s porch area.  A mere foot from that was a 10-12 foot row of bushes, no taller than about three feet.  Most of the snow had melted from the slab and only about 6 or 7″ remained in the grass on the other side of the bushes.  I started right in just on the other side of the bushes, thinking the ring probably landed on shrubs and slowly melted down into the grass just a foot or two away.  My machine is a Fisher F75 which is very chatty and sensitive.  I was dealing with extensive interference and had to change frequencies a few times to make the detector even partially stable.  Additionally, the concrete slab was rebar-reinforced and trash was abundant.  This was going to be tough.  I spent 25 minutes on a mini grid, then turned my focus to the shrubs with my Garrett AT Pro Pointer.  I shook the plants like a madman to make sure the ring was surely out of the limbs, but still scanned the entire hedgerow with my probe just to be sure, top to bottom!  I wrote off signal after signal that was either too large, or just below the surface.  This ring would either be in the snow, or melted down to the top of the ground.  We were still empty handed after quite some time was spent hovering over and reaching under the shrubs.  Since my machine was useless on the concrete slab, I picked up the remaining hardened ice and snow and carried it out to an area that I could detect.  Then I scraped all the remaining slushy filth off to the side of the slab so I can run my probe through every last drop of disgusting, freezing crap!

Empty.  Nothing in the snow I removed from the slab.  Nothing in the slush I pushed off the side either.  I began hinting at how well my new friend knew his neighbors below, as it seemed the ring may had been picked up from a previously melted area.  It’s hard to stay positive after quite some time hunting such a small area.  All the interference and large buried objects and trash made it exceptionally tricky.

I picked my detector up for a third and what I figured would be the final time.  I dawned my headphones as it continued to just chatter away.  I also decreased the sensitivity further and changed the frequency yet again.  I started sweeping my detector on the very first line that I had originally made, but came in from the opposing end.

Then it happened. I got ‘that’ signal.  I either barely missed it on my first pass, or hadn’t settled down with all the interference and trashy targets yet.   It was a repeatable 18-20 readout on my F75 which indicates small, high karat gold.  Nice sharp signal, but not quite as loud as I expected.  I pinpointed the target, knelt down and plunged my detector probe a few inches into the 6″ packed snow and ice layer.  To my instant delight it vibrated and sounded off, and I could tell this object was either in the snow, or right on the top of the ground.  I cut an ice plug with my sharp Lesche digging tool and popped out the freezing square like a snow cookie.  The signal had disappeared from the hole.  JOY!  Whatever it was has been moved from the hole!  At that point I gave the separated ice brick a little smack, and there it was, a tiny, gorgeous, miraculous little gold ring staring back at me and the gentleman who had remained very positive throughout the hunt as my faith began to dwindle!  I snatched it out of the snow the moment that gold glint caught my eye and shoved it into the hands of its rightful owner who had instantly gone from reserved and patient to jumping up in the air and wrapping me up in a huge, ecstatic embrace.  An excellent hug it was.

My only regret?  Not taking a close-up picture of the ring.  But that’s ok because the smiling faces are what it’s all about, and that is precisely why Chris Turner created in the first place.

So it was a diligent hunt and a successful mission, complete with Indian coffee and toast afterward while I got to know two very lovely people who had moved to the USA only two weeks earlier!  Welcome to the USA, and don’t trust the snow!!

Thanks for reading and best wishes to all.



Lost Tiffany Silver Pendant UBC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The other day I received a call from a young lady by the name of Ciara that had lost a very special small Silver Tiffany Pendent in the shape of a bean. This bean was a symbol of love given to her by her mother.  Ciara is a rugby player for UBC (University British Columbia) and at practice she forgot to take her pendent off and during the workout it was ripped off her neck by accident.

She was very smart to make a mental note to the exact location it was ripped off her neck. This is fantastic as it makes the search much more easier when we can focus the search in a small area, specially when the item is so small.

I asked the type question that I always do to make sure I was in the right area and I had her put out some red cones to mark the search area.  After 10 minutes or so I bent down to check out a signal with my pin pointer and saw a little silver bean in the grass!

I put it in my hand and walked over to Ciara to ask her a few more questions and then held out the bean so she could see that I found it…I love when I can surprise people and she was surprised!!

I found out that the silver bean was her good luck charm,  she felt it helped her on her tests and on the rugby field. I’m happy that she has it back! Good Luck on your rugby season!!!

IMG_9066image1 2










I love my job! If you need help finding your lost jewelry please call me ASAP!

Chris Turner 778-838-3463

Video of the search below…


“Hey, is that a metal detector? Cool!”

  • from Charleston (South Carolina, United States)

Hi everybody!

I get asked a lot of questions about metal detecting and how it came to be such a great part of my life ( next to my wife and family of course !) So, I thought I’d answer a few of those questions today. Here goes!

So what do you do? Well, I enjoy meeting people and helping people. People often lose jewelry or other sentimental items at various places such as the beach, a lake, a park, or even the backyard. Depending on the circumstances, it can difficult to locate that lost item. I help people find those personal treasures with a metal detector.

Do you just look for other peoples lost stuff? Gosh no! I’m a treasure hunter at heart and its my greatest passion. I’ll take any free moment where I can get away to metal detect, doesn’t matter if its the beach, lake, river, park or yard, I’m there!

Do you ever find anything good? I always chuckle a bit when I get asked this, because to me being a successful metal detectorist is a numbers game combined with skill. You want it to pay, well you gotta play! It takes time to recover items of value. Sadly, there’s a lot of trash under our feet. For every ring that is found, there could have been 50 or more soda can tabs that came before it. Its a skill that’s learned not by reading a book ( they do help and there’s lots out there including you tube videos, blogs and forums ) but instead by spending time using your machine and getting to know its personality. Each machine kind of has its own little personality and tone. If you take the time to get to know it can tell you a lot. BUT…. yes. I have found some great stuff. Some of which was valuable (jewelry) and some weren’t as valuable in the monetary sense but still important from a historical perspective (relics).

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found? That’s a tough one, there’s too many to choose from. Silver or Gold jewelry is always great, but there’ve been some pretty cool historical relics too. One of which, I’m not at liberty to disclose the details, but it was by far the most coolest thing I’ve ever found and I actually shared that find with my dad. Great memory! More recently, I found a 1910 UMC shotgun shell cap. It wasn’t worth too much dollar wise, but I recovered it underneath an old oak tree. So its pretty cool to imagine that 105 years ago someone was under that tree and dropped the casing there.

How did you get into metal detecting? My mom got me into it. When I was young , like 8 or 9, she ordered a Garrett GTA model and thought it would be fun to use for the family. I grew up on an old farm so there were plenty of places to start looking for buried treasure. When I got a bit older,  I remember her taking me a metal detector shop and we picked out a new to me but used machine. It was a Whites 5900 Di Pro. I still have it today. I don’t use it much, but it hangs on my wall and its the one machine I’m the most proud of and smile every time I look at it.

How many detectors do you own? Now, if you were to ask my wife that question, she’d said TOO MANY! I own several detectors, but they each have a specific purpose for specific conditions. Some for underwater and some for land.

Is this your fulltime job? No, not yet 😉 I would love for this to expand into a fulltime gig. But I’m thankful that I’m blessed with the opportunities that I have been given.

What’s the best thing you like about metal detecting? Hmmm, well that’s actually a two-parter for me. 1) I love the reactions and surprise when I find stuff that people had lost, that’s a pretty cool feeling. 2) I love putting on my headphones and just listening for the tones. When those headphones are on, I don’t think about anything else. Its a total break from everyday stresses. I could do this everyday, all day.

Is there any specific place you’d like to detect? YES everywhere!!! I would definitely love to travel to Europe and Japan to detect. Both of those area are so rich with history. It would be awesome to recover a roman coin or something similar.

That covers most of it. If you guys have other questions for me, just holler! Thanks for reading!




Lost ring Celina, Ohio

  • from Celina (Ohio, United States)
All terrain water and land

All terrain water and land






Hello!  My name is Josh Kimmel.  I recently joined The Ring Finders.  I am very involved with metal detecting and have a true passion for this hobby / lifestyle as well as a passion for recovering history in all of it’s forms.  My passion for metal detecting goes beyond just merely trying to find pieces of the past, I also have a passion for helping others locate those special lost items that they thought may have been lost forever.  That’s right!, I enjoying trying to help others find these items and strive to reunite people with their items.  Jewelry such as class rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, gold, silver, platinum and other rings and jewelry to keys and even property markers.  I have been asked to search for many different things and strive to do my best to locate them when possible.   One of my favorite returns was of a silver and platinum class ring that had been lost for approx. 31 years when I one day found it and tracked the owner down to return it to her within 2 weeks.  When people lose that precious, sentimental item it can be very distressing and I do what I can.  Each lost item is unique and has a story of it’s own.  When that item is lost by someone that story doesn’t have to end.    With a recovery that story can continue.


If you are in the Celina, OH or Grand Lake St. Mary’s area or even the Ohio counties of Mercer, Auglaize, Van Wert, Allen and other outlying areas I just may be able to help.  Why try to rent a metal detector or find a metal detector rental to try and locate your lost sentimental item or a particular metal item you would like found when you can contact a metal detector specialist that will use many years of experience as well as some of the best equipment to try and locate that item for you.  Forget renting the detector and get a detectorist!


My years of experience and the equipment I use enable me to find and locate many different metal items in all terrains.  Parks, private yards, school yards, tot lots, beaches, snow, water(up to 5ft deep), fields, woods, hillsides and anywhere else for that matter.  Rings, jewelry, property markers, cache hunting, property searches and so on I’m always trying to help people with my experience.  I even offer my services to Realtor s, Law enforcement, and insurace companies as well others and do what I can to help.


If you are in or around any of the above mentioned or surrounding areas of Ohio contact me and we can discuss the situation.





Lost Wedding Ring in Trophy Club, Tx while digging a trench in his yard!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1632 IMG_1633

On Sunday afternoon we got a call from a gentleman who had lost his wedding ring.  He had been working all day in his yard digging a trench to relieve some standing water.  After completing the several hour project he realized his wedding ring was gone.  He and his family search for 2 hours and had no luck.  He found “The Ring Finders” website and gave us a call.   We spent about 20 minutes covering the area which was crazy with signals due to a power line running under his backyard.  I decided to re-check the trench with full descrimination, looking only for gold.  I got a hit near the end of the 15ft trench about 6 inches down.  As  I bent down and used my pinpointer through the mud and water in the trench I saw a glint of GOLD in the hole.  The wedding ring was stuck in the wall of the trench about 4-6 inches down.  I turn and ask the homeowner,  I said, “I have a questions for you” “would you like to have this back and I handed him his ring“.

He and his wife were so excited they could not believe we found it… they kept saying “you guys are good, you guys are so good“.  The wife came out and gave us hug… it was another successful hunt for the “Dallas Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen

Lost my Wedding Ring Playing Volleyball!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1732                     IMG_1731

We got a email from an very nice young man who was in a little bit of a panic.  He was playing volleyball  with his team at the local “Bump & Drink Volleyball Club” and realized his wedding ring had come off sometime during the evening.  This was about 8pm, he had spent the next 2 hours on his hands & knees with his friends going through the really deep sand on the court he had played on.

His wife is 8 months pregnant and he really dreaded going home without his wedding ring and then having to tell his wife about it.

He found “The Ring Finder” website and sent us a email.  I responded immediately because I knew exactly what Volleyball Club he had been at, we had been called in before to find rings for other customers.  I immediately call the club and spoke to the manager, most of the Volleyball clubs are very strict about not allowing detectorists on to their courts, but this manager remembered us and said we could come in the next day 30 minutes before they opened.

Ellen & I arrived at 3pm on a Friday and began our hunt.  Understand this sand is awesome, but it is 12-20inches deep all over the 8 courts.  We had to use our beach scoops as we detected.  We knew what court he had played on and where he had wash off the sand at the end of the night, so we began our hunt.

We cover the court 3 times with no luck, I began covering the area I believed the customer would have walked to the wash off station”aka water hose!  Understand that Ellen & I both use Garrett ATPro’s and Garrett Pinpointers, I was digging in the sand and Ellen walks over and says “what did he say his ring looked like”, as I looked up she had this sheepish grin on her face and on her finger was a Platinum Wedding  Ring.   I started to get up, and she said don’t stop looking this might not be his ring!  We have had that happen more than once, we found a different ring than the one we were hired to find.

Well the customer was on his way, he was stuck in Friday afternoon Dallas 5pm traffic..YUK!  When he arrived, we shook hands and I said “my wife has a question for you”  she walked up and said “is this your ring”.  He was awestruck, his mouth dropped open, he was so excited.  He must have told us 3 times how much his wife was going to be happy…

This hobby is so much fun.

Another successful hunt for The Ring Finders!

Don & Ellen – Dallas/Ft Worth

Wedding Band lost at John’s Pass, Maderia Beach, FL

John and his recently married wife had just returned from their honeymoon and were settling into their home together. They decided to take a break and spend a day at the beach. After they arrived at Maderia Beach and setup a spot on the beach they ventured out into the water. They were just cooling down in neck deep water when John’s wife noticed his wedding ring was missing. They tried to locate the ring in the murky water but had no luck. John’s wife found us on the Ringfinders site and contacted us. We responded the next day with a small team and in about an hour we recovered the ring. Needless to say, John was overjoyed!

20131004_e8f4e_f6b4a-150x150[1] 20131004_eb03a_6fe52-150x150[1]

Wedding Ring Lost In Sarasota Yard

Pete Nicolai was busy cleaning the gutters on the roof when he wiped his hand against his pants to dry it off and BINGO his wedding ring was gone!!!!!!!  He heard a ping when the ring hit the ladder below him and never caught site of where it landed. He searched for the ring in the yard and surrounding bushes but had no luck. He went home and broke the sad news to his wife and then they returned and searched with no luck. A few weeks later, Pete read an article on Yahoo about “The Ringfinders” and when he went to the web site he found Michael Miller listed as a resource for finding lost items. He contacted Mike and they made arrangements to meet at the site. Doug Brozek joined Mike in the search and within 15 minutes Doug recovered the ring and returned it to a very happy Pete.

20130928_0fd32_e12dc-150x150[1] 20130928_9a5cf_484b9-150x150[1]

Lost Ring found near Binbrook conservation area near Hamilton

  • from Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

found ring on hand Happy Pietro & family with FOUND ring & Paul ring finderVandendool Crownring2b ring

“I went swimming in a lake and lost my wedding ring. After spending a few hours swimming down 10 feet, we gave up the search. I thought it was gone for good before I found Paul online. He came with scuba gear and an underwater metal detector and found the ring in 25 minutes! Material possessions can be replaced, but the sentimental value cannot. We can’t thank you enough!”



Pietro was at a conservation area with his family & lost his ring when swimming. Once I arrived he pointed me to the “location” where he felt the ring slip off. The visibility was 1-2′ & I was able to find the ring in about 25 minutes.

Another happy customer.  So far I am 2 for 2!  🙂