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Lost wedding rings Carpinteria CA Found!

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call this morning from Jay whose family was visiting his parents beach house in Carpinteria to escape the heat in Bakersfield. The property is directly on the beach so his kids were having a blast building sand castles and creating forts in the sand and having the time of their lives at grandpa’s house. One of the young’uns decided that they would pretend to be pirates so they grabbed their mom’s wedding ring set and took off for the beach to bury the rings in the sand in true pirate fashion. As would happen 5 year old pirates don’t always remember where they buried things and in this case the young man had actually dropped both rings somewhere he thought in the sand before he could even bury them. Needless to say there were many variables here to finding the rings. We needed to get them back to mom but also important was to get the young pirates out of trouble.

The rings were platinum so I knew what the sound and number would be on my equinox and I took off to finding them. I found the first ring in about 8 inches of sand after the second scoop and then a few minutes later ring number two was back in the scoop. Everyone was ecstatic and the best news was two young pirates were not going to have to walk the plank. Remember if you lose your ring, pendant or necklace in sand, the water or grass call or text me immediately at 805-290-5009.