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Car Key Lost in the Sand at Hermosa Beach…Found and Happily Returned.

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)
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Brittany had been surfing, and had left her car key in her sandals on her towel when she went into the water. When She left, she picked everything up, and then went on what seemed like a bit of a trek to finally get back to her car. When she arrived she realized the key was gone. The stretch of sand from the bike path to the is quite expansive, and as Brittany made the walk back to do the search, it seemed like an experiment in futility. I let her know I would come immediately.

When I got to the beach Brittany found me, and explained what had happened. I surmised that the most likely place to begin was where she had been originally, and then search from there. I started my search going over all of the area that she had gridded with her feet first with no luck. When she said that it might be the whole expanse we might have to search, I asked that she would walk an exact a path as she did when she left. She then took me on a unique trek. I expected a bee line, but she had gone sideways, then doubled back, then off to the bike path. We went slow, while I dug every signal, finding much trash metal, but no key. We got to the bike path, and I asked if she thought we covered the path as close as possible, and she did. She then decided to leave. I told her that I was going to retrace our steps off to each side in order to make sure we did not miss anything, and would call her if I found the key. I went all the way back with nothing, and then began my way back to the bike path. Where she doubled back, about 5 feet from our first walk I got a very strong signal, dug, and had her key. You have to make sure all possibilities are explored, and this time it paid off. I called her and asked her to come and get her key; she was so surprised and happy to get it back. What fun!


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Rogue Wave Washes Rental Car Key Fob into the Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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**** Brittany and her husband from Arkansas are visiting Newport Beach, CA. for the first time. Our west coast beaches are a little different from the east coast beaches. It was nearing peak high tide with large waves. While taking video photos of the larger waves, they got a surprise rogue wave that washed their towels and other belongings over the berm toward the parking lot. 

The rental car key fob was in her shoes. They found the shoes but the car key fob was missing. It was a bit difficult to understand where they were because they kept referring to the pier as a dock. I thought they might be on the bayside of the Newport Penensula. No big deal, it is common for tourists unfamiliar with our beaches to be confused about their location.

It was dark with good lighting from parking lot lights. Brittany believed the key fob was near she retrieved her shoes. I had to start at the beach side of berm, hoping if it had fallen out there it wouldn’t get pulled down into the surf line.

Ten minutes later I move to the area where the shoes had been found. A few swings of my detector revealed he lost rental car keys. Both Brittany and her husband were relieved that they were saved the trouble of dealing with getting a replacement for the key. Total time from the time they called till the key was found was less than 45 minutes.


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