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Man’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost in the Sand – Found and Returned Kure (Cure-y) Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Right around 12:30 pm on Friday, August 18th, 2023, I got a call from Adib, saying he had lost his Platinum Wedding Band in the sand. He asked me if I had any advice on how to find it. There really isn’t any, other than getting down on your hands and knees and try sifting through the sand. I’ve had a couple of situations where the individuals tried finding it themselves and ended up moving the item feet from where it was dropped. I asked Adib not to dig, if he was, because he could either move it or bury it. He was also concerned with my travel time and didn’t want to see me drive over 3 hours round trip. I assured him that’s what I do when somebody loses something, and I didn’t have a problem with it. I grabbed my Equinox 800 and started my trip.

When I got there, I met Adib at his rental and we walked out to the beach. As we walked, I found out that he was there from San Francisco, CA. attending one of his buddy’s bachelor party. He said that he had taken his ring off and put it in his lap to apply suntan lotion. At some point, the ring ended up disappearing in the dry sand. He also said that he and his friends had been searching for the ring and when I told him not to dig, they stopped. Everybody had pretty much left the chairs and other items sit where they were so the area was well marked. Once I got a visual on the search area, we moved the chairs, and I started a small grid search in maybe a 10X10 ft square. After just one grid line, I got a strong 15 on the VDI (visual display indicator). The problems I had were the target was reading 8-10 inches deep on the depth meter, which was deep for only being lost for 3 hours. Secondly for a platinum ring, I was expecting a lower number in the teens. So I honestly thought that target was trash. I did take a couple of scoops but left the hole and continued the grid. After finishing the search area with no other targets, I went back to the hole. I took another couple of scoops and had the target out of the hole. I ran the coil over the clump of sand, found the target and scooped it up. I gently shook out the excess sand, and then I heard the sweet sound of metal rattling in the scoop. Looked in the scoop, saw the ring and held the scoop out for Adib to pull his ring out. Adib was thrilled he had his ring back. He ended up taking a selfie of him and I with him holding his ring up to send to his wife. This never gets old!

Adib – thank you for letting me help find your lost treasure.