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IPhone Lost in the Dry Sand, Found and Returned Cherry Grove, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Sunday, Jun 25th, I was just about to start a search for a lost engagement ring when Chris walked up and asked if my detector could find a cell phone. I told him it could and he said his wife had lost her cell phone somewhere up in the dry sand. I told him as soon as I’m finished with the ring search, I’d be glad to help him.

When I completed the successful ring search, I found Chris and asked for the details on the phone. He told me that his wife had lost it somewhere between the pier and the beach access. That area was approximately 50 yards or so, so I asked him where they had been sitting and we’d start from there. He led me to an area underneath the pier and I swung the detector about 3 times and hit a good target. I dug a scoop of sand and he said there’s my wife’s phone as he reached in the hole and pulled it out. I love a quick recovery.

Chris – Thank you for letting me help find your wife’s phone!!