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Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This adventure started about 10:41 p.m. Friday night when I got a text message asking if I was the right guy to find lost items. I confirmed I was and received the following text from Gene, “My wife lost her wedding ring and band today on the beach near Kingston Plantation. Are your services available? Are you in the area?” I called his number and discussed what happened, what time and if it was in the water. Gene told me Jessica; his wife lost her rings about noon in ankle deep water. Taking a quick look at the tide tables, the loss happened about 2 hours before low tide. Shouldn’t be too hard, but there’s not too many searches that are easy. This one was no different. I told him I’d meet him about 12:30 the next afternoon, which was today, Saturday May 25th. The next afternoon low tide was about 3:15, so getting there early I could work the outgoing tide.

I showed up as scheduled and met Gene, his father-in-law Greg and his sister-in-law Samantha. Gene walked me out in the water and lined himself up with the resort and said she lost it right about here. I asked Gene how she lost them, and he stated trying to catch a football. The football hit her rings just right to push both rings off her finger. He told me both rings were yellow gold. So, on my Nox 800, lady’s yellow gold rings show a VDI (visual display Indicator) of 13-15. Unfortunately pull tabs, which there are 100s that end up on the beach, show 14. This could mean a lot of digging. I started an east/west grid from about the mid tide line working perpendicular to the tide line. I had a heck of a time keeping my grid lines straight. I changed course and did a north/south grid to eliminate the upper slope of the beach. When I got about as far as I could and still see my grid lines, I took a break. By now the tide had rescinded to the point I was sure the rings were at the bottom of the sloop and right in the trough, which is where the ocean breaks onto the beach. At that point I decided to start over on the far-left border of the search zone. About halfway across the zone I got a solid, banging 14 VDI. I was sure I had a ring. I took a big scoop and checked the hole. I had the target. Problem was, after I washed out the sand, I had a scoop full of broken shells. I shook the scoop moving the shells; I took a couple of handfuls of shells out and shook the scoop again. Still wasn’t seeing anything. I did that 3 times and finally saw the small engagement ring with the diamond. Boom! Put the ring in my pocket for safe keeping and ran the coil over and around the hole. About a foot away I got another solid 14. Dug the target, made sure the hole was clear and walked up the sloop and dumped the scoop. Ran the coil over the pile, located the target, spread it out with my foot and saw the gold wedding band. I had both rings. I was going up to grab my phone and take a picture to send to Gene and surprise him, but as I’m trying to get that done, I saw Gene and Greg walking towards me. I showed them the rings, and both were excited. I told Gene he could surprise Jessica but that didn’t work either. We turned around and the rest of the gang was standing on the 5th floor balcony. It wasn’t long before Jessica, her mom and sister was on the beach. Think there were a few happy tears, and all was good!!!!

Greg and Gene – thank you for your generosity.

Gene and Jessica – Thank you so much for trusting me to help find your lost treasures. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home. Wish you two all the best.



Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Wednesday May 22nd at about 7:45 p.m. I received a text from Jim stating in part, “About 530 tonight I lost my wedding band on the beach while walking the dog.” Instead of texting, I called him to discuss the details. He told me that he had cut his ring finger, and the ring was irritating that finger. He continued saying after wearing the ring for I think he said 30 years; he had to basically pry the ring off. He moved the ring to his little finger, which fit, but may have been a little loose. He also said the walk was 3 blocks one way but added that he had walked along the top of the tide line and the dry sand. We agreed to meet this morning at 10 am.

We met at 10 and walked out on the beach. He showed me the path he took, and I started an east/west grid. After about 30 minutes, I decided I’d walk down the beach to where the walk started. My thought was the ring was more likely to have fallen off his finger at the start or end rather than in the middle, maybe. Close to 3 hours, I called Jim and told him I was going to take a break and would be back in a few hours. As we’re talking, he said that he and his wife had been talking through the situation. He mentioned to me that when the walk was over, he had washed the dog’s mouth out using his left hand at the resort’s wash station. I had one of those aha moments! I ask him if he knew whether I could get access below the deck of the station, and he wasn’t sure. I told him I was coming down to the resort to check out the wash station. I mentioned that with his ring being a little loose, trying to manipulate the dog, and his hand being wet, it might be possible the ring slipped off there. When I got to his resort he was waiting outside. We walked back to the wash station, and he showed me which shower he was used. There was no access below the shower, but the floor planks were butted up against each other with no gaps between the wood. I made my way to the side of the shower and tried to use the detector, but I had the big 15-inch coil on the machine, and I wasn’t able to use the detector. I didn’t have my pin pointer, so I started moving through the weeds doing a visual inspection. Bingo, I moved some ground cover and saw Jim’s ring lying on the ground. I didn’t say anything but just held it up between my fingers. Jim was in mid-sentence when he saw it and just stopped and froze, I could see the relief in him.

Jim – thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.



Gold Chain with 2 Gold Crosses lost in the dry sand, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Sunday, June 25th, I woke up to an early morning text from Aly saying “Hi There, I lost my daughters necklace with 2 crosses on it yesterday in the sand by my Condo. How much do you charge to look for it?! It was a present from her grandmother and she has since passed away.”I responded asking her to call me. I explained the details of me looking for lost items and she agreed to have me come and see what I could do. I told her there might be a parking issue, since this was Sunday and all the tourist are in town. She told me I could use an extra parking pass she had for the condo so I was on my way.

When I got to the condo, and Aly and I walked out on the beach, it was packed with tourist. She showed me the likely area of the loss and there was no way I could do a complete search at that time. Weaving in and around people, I was able to do maybe 10% of what needed to be done. I did what I could and told her that more than likely, somebody was sitting on the chain and crosses and I’d be back between 4 and 4:30. So I went back home to wait. In the meantime, I received 2 other calls which turned out to be 2 more stories. But back to Aly’s chain and crosses. I was back on the beach at Aly’s Condo about 4 and there were still 3 groups of tourist sitting exactly where I needed to search. I was able to eliminate a few more areas but not what I knew I needed to do. Aly had shared a couple of selfies she had taken with her daughter, Alexa. In the pictures, it gave me a pretty good angle of where they were sitting in relation to the life guard stand, which proved to be perfect. I texted Aly and told her the people were still sitting in the area and I’d be back in about an hour. When I got back about 6, the area was clear. I text Aly saying “I’m back” and started my grid search. Patience paid off, although I’m not a patient person. Within about 30 minutes, I got a solid signal and an 8 on the VDI (visual display indicator), which indicates Gold! I dug a scoop of sand, shook it out of the scoop and saw the first cross, then saw the chain hanging out of the bottom of the scoop. I gently pulled the entire chain and both crosses out of the scoop. I took a quick picture, wrote “BA Bam!”, and sent her a text. She responded almost immediately with “Omg!!” She showed up a short time later with Alexa, who took possession of her special treasure.

Aly – Thank you for allowing me to help find Alexa’s lost treasure.